More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Tuesday April 26, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Riva tries to play low profile. Vidal tries to fit in with the roommate, while Jacob gives in to his impulses.

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of tuesday april 26, 2022 [spoilers] - news...

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Jacob gave in to his urges

In a utility car, Jacob managed to kidnap the young man who took over from Kevin at the cemetery. He realizes that he has been spotted by Ariane and Mathieu. They manage to raise his license plate, but fail to pin him down. Mathieu assumes it was the killer in action. Ariane then asks Jean-Paul to alert all police stations in Marseille so that they can check their staff.

Jean-Paul therefore contacts Laetitia to find out if Kevin has returned home the day before. Indeed, the latter is in his room, safe and sound. He is obviously upset to learn that he narrowly escaped the killer. During this time, the victim is identified: it is Martial, a young policeman from the 6th arrondissement. While on leave, Kevin decides to go into the field.

For his part, Jacob is aware of the progress of the police thanks to Martial’s walkie-talkie. He finds refuge in a parking lot, where he changes car.

Camille, meanwhile, confesses to Baptiste that she can’t forget Kevin. But Baptiste prefers to be frank with her because he knows his best friend well: it will never work between them. Especially since Kévin wants to get back together with Émilie. Later, Emma advises Camille to find an activity to clear her mind and stop thinking about Kevin. When Camille is about to go home, Baptiste invites her to stay for dinner, or even to stay to sleep.

In the evening, the police find the van that Jacob had borrowed to kidnap Martial. Inside, no trace can be traced back to him. Mathieu easily assumes that he has changed vehicles. According to him, the police only have 72 hours left to find Martial alive…

Gabriel thinks he was tricked by Anthony

Gabriel prepares for his appointment with the Council of the Order, which will be chaired by a Professor renowned for his severity. Céline reassures him by saying that he is also described as a benevolent person. Gabriel is aware that he will have to be modest. But he can’t help confiding his theory to his lawyer and her husband: according to him, he was tricked by Pirate 13, whose characteristic is to make a spelling mistake on the word nephrectomy, exactly as on the protocol Mrs. D’Anjoy’s surgery, which Gabriel followed to the letter. As this operating protocol is usually written by a nurse, Gabriel assumes that there has been falsification of the document. But Céline and Thomas think he simply refuses to admit his mistake.

Gabriel continues with his last day of training. Thanks to Cédric, he realizes that the stretcher-bearer from Marseille-Est is behind the nickname Pirate 13. During his meeting with the council of the order, Gabriel ignores Céline’s advice and affirms that Anthony, the stretcher-bearer, is responsible for his mistake. Upon learning what he has done, Thomas considers that he has gone too far.

Romain tries to fit in with the roommate

Romain comes out of the shower complaining to Emilie because his towels have all shrunk. She takes the opportunity to hold him back about the errands to be done. When she hands him the list, she notices that his hand is shaking.

Before going shopping, Romain hears Sylvia screaming in his room. Worried, he goes inside and discovers her in the middle of a beauty session. Sylvia admits that waxing yourself hurts. But above all, she refuses that he sees her like that and asks him to leave.

Romain then confides in Estelle that he has trouble finding his bearings at the roommate, especially because he is the only man. Estelle tries to find out if he’s interested in one of her charming roommates, but Romain reminds her that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship because of his illness.

Back from shopping, Romain proudly shows off everything he bought to his roommates. These show some errors. Romain apologizes, his hand shaking, then takes his leave. Émilie shares her observations with Sylvia and Fanny about Romain’s tremors. Fanny puts it down to her sensitivity.

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