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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While the police arrest one of the escapees, Roland and Kilian grow closer. For her part, Alexandra changes her attitude towards Kevin.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Livia is arrested by the police

Vincent catches up with Céline to prevent her from committing the irreparable. He tries to open her eyes to the manipulation of which she is the victim. He declares that he is ready to jump with her. Eventually, they stop each other from doing it. Céline clicks and comes to, saying that Livia is at home. Vincent immediately warns Leo.

The latter goes to the police station to warn Revel, Ariane and Jean-Paul. The BRI is sent to Celine’s home. Jean-Paul arrests Livia, who shows no surprise.

The next day, Céline is in the hospital. According to her test results, Gabriel confirms that she was not drugged, only psychologically manipulated. He offers to keep her under observation for 24 hours so that she can recover.

Indeed, Céline is upset because she has no memory of Livia’s presence at home. Vincent reassures her by informing her of his arrest. Celine then thanks her friend for having saved her life. He advises her to rest while he goes to get her some things.

For her part, Luna comes to deposit garlic buns in Pavel’s room, making Lorraine believe that it is his indulgence. She sows doubt in the mind of the ex-convict as to her affair with Pavel. Her strategy works because Lorraine is on the defensive, saying she will soon leave the country with Pavel.

At the same time, Nathan overhears a conversation between Stan and Sabrina. She admits that there will always be something very strong between them. In a fit of anger, Nathan enters the room pointing a gun at Stan…

Thomas is jealous of the relationship between Roland and Kilian

During breakfast, Kilian and Lola keep telling Gabriel and Thomas about Roland’s adventures. Thomas admits to being upset that he didn’t know so much about it.

He then proposes to his father to go fishing. But the latter admits to being too busy with Kilian. Thomas replies that all his sons need the same attention and that his own problems are no less important than his brother’s. Roland then offers Thomas to join him for a game of belote, along with Kilian and Frémont.

During the game, Roland teaches Kilian all the rules and openly favors him. Thomas accuses them of cheating and leaves the gaming table. Shortly after, he prepares to go back to see them, but overhears their conversation in the kitchens of the Mistral bar.

Kilian criticizes Roland for having had preferential treatment towards him in front of Thomas. Roland thinks it’s not that bad. He is even ready to entrust Kilian with the secret of his Osso buco recipe on the condition that he does not say a word about it to Thomas.

Back home, Thomas complains to Gabriel. He finds it unfair that Roland monopolizes all the attention of the twins when he never took care of it. He decides to organize Kilian and Lola’s birthday at Marci to stay in their good graces.

At the same time, Roland goes to see Thomas to apologize for his lack of loyalty during their game of belote. He offers to spend more time with his family, notably by organizing a birthday party for Kilian and Lola at the Mistral bar.

Alexandra changes her attitude with Kevin

Arriving at the police station, Kevin surprises Alexandra in her bra while she is changing in the locker room. She is not embarrassed, even if Kevin gives her the privacy necessary for her to finish putting on the uniform. After which, they kiss, but are surprised by Ariane who reminds them to behave.

During the lunch break, Kevin and Alexandra eat together at Marci. When Kevin goes to pay the bill, Sylvia approaches Alexandra to tell her of her very positive impressions of the couple they form.

While walking, Kevin and Alexandra continue to learn about each other. They realize that they used to go to the same campsite every summer when they were kids. Kevin is convinced that they have already met there and wants to find photos of her from that time, but Alexandra is rather reluctant, arguing that she prefers to focus on the present and forget the past.

Alexandra then asks Kevin to take her home. When they find themselves in Kevin’s room, the temperature rises. Alexandra takes matters into her own hands and gives him a blowjob. Kevin regrets not giving him pleasure in return but Alexandra explains that it was not yet the right time for her. Kevin admits to being very happy in their relationship. When he declares his romantic feelings to her, Alexandra turns against her. She retorts that he doesn’t really know her and that he’d better forget about her…

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