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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… The couple of Luna and Bastien find themselves in turmoil. Kilian tries a bluff to get his teenage clientele to eat tripaille.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Pavel threatens Luna

Faced with Pavel’s threat, Luna replies that she does not believe him and that he is bluffing. Her former lover, however, claims to have evidence to bring down one of his relatives. Luna finally leaves the room without acting…

The next day, Luna confides in Bastien. She thinks Pavel is ready to reveal Claire and Leo’s involvement in Mouss’ escape. She’s sure he has nothing against her. She decides to no longer remain under his influence and calls the police to report her presence in the hotel.

Luna then hurries to warn Pavel so that he flees. However, this one stays to show him a video that he recovered thanks to Juan Carillo: we see Bastien, in Thailand, murdering a man in the middle of the street. Pavel therefore threatens to provide this video to the police. Bastien would risk being extradited to Thailand and being sentenced to 15 years in prison.

When Leo and Patrick arrive in the hall of the Zephyr, Luna pretends that she was mistaken. She says she took a client for Pavel and was wrong. The police nevertheless suspect Luna of being threatened and manipulated.

To find out for sure, they decide to search the rooms of the hotel. When they knock on Pavel’s bedroom door, Bastien opens the door for them. The latter claims to have slept elsewhere after an argument with Luna. Patrick searches inside and confirms that Pavel is not there. Leo then wishes Bastien to reconcile with his companion. Bastien closes the door. Pavel, who was hiding right next to him, congratulates him for fooling the police.

A while later, Luna overhears Akira talking to new hotel guests. When she recognizes Stan and Lorraine Fournier, she steps in to protect her stepdaughter. Luna then asks them to leave. But Pavel forces him to welcome them…

Kilian and Roland team up

Roland arrives at the Mistral bar and notices that Kilian got up early for the opening. The latter recognizes that this allows him to make more profits in the morning. He also took the opportunity to think about their common idea: that of combining Kilian’s business sense with Roland’s traditional cuisine.

They therefore get down to preparing the dish of the day in the kitchen. Thomas goes to see them, doubting that the clientele of the Mistral bar will once again appreciate packet feet. But Kilian and Roland revisit the recipe to make a Mistral Burger.

At the lunch service, Kilian convinces Sunalee to taste it and reimburse her if she doesn’t like it. The young girl is unaware that she is eating tripaille and admits that she finds the burger delicious. At the next table, Jules and two friends of his order the same thing.

At the end of the service, Kilian and Roland do the accounts: they have managed to sell 38 burgers. They rejoice in this success. They are then joined by Mirta. Roland takes the opportunity to ask for news. When Noah walks past them, Roland invites him to join him as well for a chat. He then notices that Kilian and Noah are no longer talking to each other.

Laetitia is humiliated by her students

Stressed at the approach of her next lesson, Laetitia asks Kevin to have her revise her history-geo sheets. After a few questions, Kevin remarks that his mother has all the right answers and she just needs to learn how to handle the pressure.

At Scotto, Noé and Betty openly mock Laetitia and her lack of skills. Nisma hears them and finds them pitiful. She nevertheless accepts the bet they throw at them: 20 euros to prove that Laetitia is not made to be a teacher.

During class, Noé films Laetitia without her knowledge with his mobile phone and deliberately asks her sensitive questions. He asks him in particular to compare Robespierre and Pétain. Laetitia momentarily loses her means.

At the end of the lesson, Laetitia goes to Rochat’s office to tell him what happened. However, she noticed that the students eventually calmed down, which she interprets as an encouraging sign. In reality, Noé and Betty create a montage of the images they filmed, before circulating the video on social networks.

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