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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While a prison convoy is transporting Doctor Livia, Pavel, Djawad, Stan and Agathe Robin, what decision will Baptiste make? Will Eric find happiness?

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Baptiste finds his home

Thanks to the torrential rains that fell on Marseille, the risks of megafires are ruled out. But the arsonist still remains untraceable…

Luckily, Romain comes across Baptiste and Emma who are returning to Marseille by car. Romain borrows Baptiste’s phone to call the police and warn them of his accident with Vanessa, whom he denounces as the arsonist. The doctor then climbs into the back of Baptiste and Emma’s vehicle to return to the Mistral.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Ariane find Vanessa, who gradually regains consciousness. The two colleagues quickly realize that the young woman is out of her mind. They take him to the Mistral police station, where Patrick interrogates him. Vanessa explains that she wanted to purify the region by lighting fires such as Olivier Jourdan recommends in his books. However, she acted alone, without orders from her former guru. According to Patrick, who found Vanessa’s father tied up in his cellar, the latter would have rather chosen the locations of the fires according to the memories she had of her late mother. Vanessa totally denies it. Leaving the interrogation room, Patrick feels that Vanessa will never stand in court due to her psychiatric condition.

For their part, Emma and Baptiste reassure Thomas and Barbara whom they meet on the Place du Mistral. The two lovers kiss passionately, caught in the act by Justine. Baptize catches her and apologizes to her. But Justine doesn’t believe any word that comes out of her mouth and leaves.

Baptiste then returns to live at home with Emma and Mathis.

Simon is out of trouble

Eric asks lots of questions to Simon to work on his memory, while the latter would especially like to be able to sleep. Gabriel arrives to tell them that Simon’s hematoma has completely healed and that he has no brain damage. In other words, he’s out of the woods.

Later, Simon confesses to Eric that he felt his presence by his side when he was in a coma. He also smelled of jasmine. He affirms that it is indeed thanks to him that he woke up.

Kevin manages an inmate transfer

Revel asks Jean-Paul to oversee the transfer of inmates from Baumettes to other prisons across France due to prison overcrowding. At the same time, the prosecutor receives a call informing him that one of the two vans scheduled for the transfer has broken down. The police will therefore have to deal with a mixed transfer between men and women.

At the same time, Céline announces to Agathe Robin that her transfer will take place the same day to a prison in Pas-de-Calais and that her appeal trial will take place in Lille. Indeed, Agathe returned to Marseilles, where she fell back into prostitution. She killed her pimp who tried to strangle her. But during his trial, the jurors did not believe in self-defense. Céline therefore advises him, for his judgment on appeal, to solicit character witnesses such as Léo, Mirta, or even his son Maxime. Nevertheless, Agathe refuses to let them know what happened to her.

At the police station, Jean-Paul entrusts Kevin with the delicate mission of managing the transfer of detainees. The young man promises to be up to it despite the profile of the prisoners in question. On the spot, he recognizes in particular Agathe Robin, Stan, Pavel, Djawad, Lorraine Fournier and Doctor Livia.

On the way, the prisoners talk about what they would do if they were free. Pavel declares that he has a score to settle with Luna, while Doctor Livia wishes to see former patients of the Mistral again. As Kevin orders them to be quiet, the van crashes into a car. All the police are knocked out. The prisoners wake up and take the opportunity to escape. Kevin slowly regains consciousness and points his gun at them to prevent them from fleeing…

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