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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Justine continues to act strangely, Eric makes a discovery about Martin. At the same time, Lola receives help from the shepherd, and Father Luc has to face the consequences of his love.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, September 1 in More beautiful life

Father Luc is suspended from his duties

Nathan informs Luna that Mirta’s photo with Father Luc has leaked on social media. Nathan then makes a mistake in front of Mirta, and Luna therefore announces to her mother that everyone is aware of her relationship with the young priest.

Appalled by this news, Mirta calls Luc in a hurry to tell him that a photo of their kiss is circulating on the networks. Mirta feels guilty and thinks they should stop seeing each other. But Father Luc is confident. He reminds the woman he loves that love can endure anything and convinces her to face the scandal, despite the consequences that may come.

Later, Father Luc receives a visit from a member of the clergy. He tells him that parishioners have sent him a rumor about him. The young priest assures that he really loves Mirta. He knows that God does not judge a love when it is sincere. But the Church cannot condone his behavior. If Father Luc wishes to live his love with Mirta, he will have to leave. While waiting for him to make his decision, the priest is suspended from his duties.

Eric makes an important discovery about Martin

While he is at the bedside of Simon, who is still in a coma, Eric receives an SMS from Ariane informing him that the prosecutor has placed Marc in pre-trial detention. Eric begins to doubt Marc’s guilt. Since he is in love with Simon, he does not see him shoot him. On the other hand, Martin, the junk dealer, is in the line of sight of the former policeman. Eric swears to Simon that he won’t let go of Martin.

Eric then follows the junk dealer to the port and sees him board a yacht. He waits for Martin to leave and climbs aboard the boat to search every nook and cranny. He eventually found inside the sofa the gun he had bought himself on the black market.

Eric then returns to the hospital, at Simon’s bedside. He feels responsible for what happened to him and doesn’t know if he should dump Martin or not. Eric tricks Simon into waking up when Rose, the nurse, informs him that the hematoma Simon has on his liver is not healing. Simon’s coma has gone to stage 3. According to her, Eric must prepare for the worst.

Wounded, Lola receives help from the shepherd

In the forest, Lola continues to desperately search for Chaussette, the wolf she has become attached to. As she is once again tormented by a vision of Betty, Lola stumbles and loses consciousness. For his part, Kilian is still without news of his sister. He begins to panic and fear the worst. He therefore decides to go and warn Thomas and Gabriel and to assume.

Eventually, in the woods, Sock reappears and licks Lola in the face to wake her up. The teenager, who wishes to protect the wolf from the shepherd, tells the animal that they must never leave each other. But then the shepherd in question arrives armed with his gun. He seems ready to shoot Chaussette, but Lola intervenes to avoid the worst, which allows the wolf to escape. Seeing that Lola limps, the shepherd, who thinks that she may have sprained her ankle, offers to take her to his sheepfold to heal her.

After taking care of the teenager’s ankle, the shepherd tries to find out what she is doing all alone in the woods. He advises her to be careful and asks her to call her parents to reassure them. He gives his cell phone to Lola so she can join his family.

At the same time, Kilian is about to tell everything to Thomas when he receives a call from his sister. He is relieved. Kilian puts the speaker on so Thomas can hear their conversation, and Lola apologizes for not calling them sooner. She claims, however, that everything is fine. Once the call is over, the shepherd offers Lola to sleep at the sheepfold. He thinks it is too late for her to return to her camp.

Justine’s behavior is still so strange

At breakfast, Justine receives a call and leaves to isolate herself to answer, which seems to arouse Baptiste’s suspicions. When she returns, she claims it’s a family emergency and she has to leave. In the aftermath, Baptiste receives a call from their warrant officer. They have to get to a fire ASAP. But Justine makes Baptiste believe that she cannot accompany him on this intervention because she has to go see her mother who has just been released from prison.

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