More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Thursday June 9, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Abdel seems to be taking things in hand both privately and professionally, Kilian and Betty find themselves at a crossroads. As for Vidal, will he return to Paris?

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Abdel continues to defend Tim

Barbara confronts Tim about the video Abdel showed her. The journalist assumes the facts. Despite his guilt, he believes that Ben did not die for nothing. Shocked by his words, Barbara wonders how he would react if she was in danger to help him. Tim admits that he feels good with her, but that he will always put his job first. Barbara returns to Abdel to ask him to continue defending Tim against BTC. The lawyer agrees.

Having a hunch that he can get a scoop, Tim decides to refuse the BTC money. Abdel plans to buy time by making a counter-proposal. Thus, Barbara and Tim can continue to look for a suspicious element in the images they have filmed.

Stressed to see Elisa again, Abdel approves of Barbara’s advice and intends to make his adversary lose his means. He arrives late at the restaurant, where he has an appointment with her, then sends her his client’s counter-proposal. Elisa is impressed. The two lawyers admit to being in a hurry for this case to end so that they can move on.

Abdel then walks Elisa back to her taxi. He fears that she will disappear again at the end of their affair. As proof of his sincerity, Elisa kisses him passionately…

Betty is in love with Lea

Kilian tells Thomas and Gabriel of his desire to stop studying to work full-time at the Mistral bar. If his brother believes in his project, Gabriel, meanwhile, believes that Kilian needs a framework and that he must continue his studies. Kilian goes to Marseille-Est to discuss with Gabriel. The latter ends up agreeing to support him in his project on the sole condition that he consults a psychologist.

Meanwhile, Betty takes care of Léa when she returns from an intense day at the hospital. Betty gives him a back and shoulder massage, then kisses him on the neck. In shock, Léa asks him for an explanation. Betty then declares that she has feelings for her. The teenager also thinks that Léa hides her face and that she is always attracted to women. Léa thinks it’s time for Betty to leave. The girl is gathering her things. Leaving the Boher apartment, she meets Jean-Paul. The latter is delighted to find himself one-on-one with his companion.

Romain will return to Paris

Séverine and Romain receive an invitation from Martin, their best friend, on his birthday. They decide to respond. Séverine also convinces Romain to take the opportunity to attend a conference on orphan diseases, which lasts a week.

On learning that Romain is returning to Paris, Fanny is worried. She wonders if his relationship with Séverine is serious and if he would be ready to leave everything he built in Marseille. Romain believes that they are not there yet. But Fanny confides to Sylvia and Émilie her fear of never seeing him return.
Séverine announces to Romain that she has reserved their ticket for Monday. Meanwhile, Romain receives a message from Martin, who intends to surprise him. Already aware, Séverine reveals that he will soon be appointed hospital director and that he wants to offer Romain to run the neurology department. Romain is enthusiastic about the idea, but does not forget his Marseille patients. The couple does not suspect that Émilie and Sylvia are listening at the doors.

They talk about it with Mirta and Luna. Together, they decide to mobilize the neighborhood to show Romain how essential he is.