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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Sylvia improvises as a sentimental coach at the Mistral. Mirta worries about her health and takes refuge in denial. Emma makes Camille responsible for everything.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Camille is confronted by Jacob

After having a nightmare, Camille wakes up alongside Kevin. He tries to find out what’s bothering her. The young girl pretends that she thinks of her mother, while she is haunted by Jacob. She hopes not to see him again. Kevin claims that if he confesses straight away, she won’t need to confront him.

Meanwhile, Jacob is transferred to the police station. Jean-Paul announces that the judge has agreed to spare his conditions of detention. But if he doesn’t talk, he’ll go back to solitary. In the interrogation room, Ariane and Jean-Paul accuse Jacob of having killed Alice Ruiz. Faced with the silence of the latter, they decide to bring Camille.

She receives a visit from Emma, ​​who informs her that they are going to have to repay their mother’s debts. Emma, ​​who has to take care of the funeral, instructs Camille to go to Nice to take an inventory of her belongings and put her apartment up for sale. In addition, Emma is still convinced that Camille had their mother killed, even if the latter completely denies it.

Arrived at the police station, Camille insists on leaving. Kevin then wonders if she is hiding something from him. Camille is then accompanied to the interrogation room where Jacob is. While Jean-Paul and Ariane ask her questions, Camille communicates discreetly with her former tormentor through gestures. Jacob ends up confessing to the murder of Alice Ruiz for which he assumes full responsibility. But Jean-Paul is not satisfied with his confession and puts under his nose, a photo of Caesar. Jacob assures that he never hurt her…

Sylvia finds a date for Emilie

Sylvia and Émilie want to know everything about the meeting Romain had at the Latino bar. He reveals to them that he had a crush on a certain Vanessa, but, apart from the shoe she left behind, he has no hope of finding her. He resigns himself to enjoying his celibacy.

Later, while serving at Marci, Sylvia drives Thomas crazy because she spends more time chatting with customers and resolving their heart issues than taking orders. In particular, she collects Nathan’s confidences about a problem with Sabrina. To help cheer him up, she asks the opinion of the young man sitting at the next table. The latter, who is called Etienne, tells him that he has been single for a long time. While Jeanne and Gabriel complain about not being served, Sylvia continues to discuss with him to find out what type of woman he is looking for.

At the end of the day, Sylvia returns to the Latin bar with Émilie. She convinces her roommate to arrange a meeting with Etienne, convinced that they are meant to be together.

Mirta has cancer

After passing tests at the hospital, Mirta obtains confirmation that a lump is present under her armpit. Gabriel reassures her and sends her to perform a biopsy to find out more.

The results of the biopsy are not expected: it is a breast cancer in the early stage. Despite the possibility of surgery and the good chances of recovery, Mirta is in shock…

Back in the Mistral, Mirta feels dizzy. Yolande is worried about her but Mirta says she’s fine. She even insists on having dinner at the restaurant on the beach as they had planned.

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