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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Baptiste follows the trail of an arsonist. Lola convinces Kilian that she must follow her path. Eric and Simon negotiate with their neighbor for water management.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Baptiste and Justine investigate an arsonist

Faced with the outbreak of fire near the beach, Baptiste and Justine react immediately. They manage to put it out with fire extinguishers. Their complicity does not escape Emma, ​​who observes them from afar.

The next day, however, Baptiste tells his wife that Justine is nothing more than a co-worker and that she doesn’t need to be jealous.

Emma goes to Kevin, but the latter is absent. She then discusses with Camille her plan to file a complaint in order to open an investigation for the worrying disappearance of César. Camille promises to pass the message to Kevin, then diverts the subject of the conversation to Justine and Baptiste. Emma takes the fly and repeats to her sister not to meddle in her business.

Meanwhile, Baptiste and Justine try to understand the origins of the fire the night before. They come across a shell that looks like those used to burn incense. They are interrupted by their instructor, who tasks them with selling raffle tickets.

On the Place du Mistral, Justine continues her research on the Internet. The shell they found is an abalone shell, used in shamarnic rituals for its slow combustion. Baptiste assumes it is the signature of an arsonist. He entrusts the raffle tickets to Thomas so that he can sell them at the Marci and goes back to the beach with Justine.

The two teammates keep flirting. They find several pieces of abalone shell around the beach, which seems to confirm Baptiste’s hypothesis…

Ariane does Eric and Simon a favor

While Eric has to go to town, Simon promises to talk to his neighbor to convince him to fix the water problem.

Arriving in front of the police station, Eric observes Vautrin pointing a policeman with a weapon while ordering Ariane to give him the keys of the car to escape. The tension is growing. Eric arrives behind Vautrin and knocks him out with a truncheon, thus saving the day for his colleague.

Later, Ariane asks Eric to accompany her to celebrate her 15-year career at Leo during the week. At the same time, Eric receives a message from Simon, who admits defeat to his neighbor. Eric accepts Ariane’s proposal on the condition that she do him a favor.

She goes to see Roger Mallard to give him a list of her offences. When he is looking for a way to negotiate, Ariane suggests that the canal be irrigated again.

Kilian has a plan for his sister

Lola can’t stand staying at the Mistral less and less. She urges Kilian to convince Thomas and Gabriel to let her go alone. Kilian first approaches Gabriel and makes him believe that Lola would rather have a summer job to clear her mind than spend a family vacation.

Kilian has indeed developed a plan: to make Thomas and Gabriel believe that Lola is going to work in an animal shelter in Gap, where she will also be accommodated. In reality, Lola will go hiking solo. To make his plan believable, he created a fake email account to pretend to be the director of the shelter and talk to Gabriel.

Convinced, the latter joins Thomas at the Marci to talk to him about it. But the restaurant owner thinks it’s a bad idea. Gabriel nevertheless sends a message to Lola giving her permission to pack up.

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