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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Kylian throws a party at the bar, Estelle is in shock at what Francesco tells her. For her part, Luna fears a reconciliation between Elodie and Bastien.

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Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Luna fears a reconciliation between Elodie and Bastien

On the beach, Bastien explains to Luna that he confessed the truth to Elodie about their affair. But he promises her that his wife will not be able to separate them. According to him, her reaction proves that she understands that this is not just a passing fad. Bastien reaffirms his romantic feelings towards Luna. After which, he attacks Elodie by accusing her of having threatened Luna. Unlike him, Elodie still hopes to save their family and save their children, although Pablo and Sunalee overhear their argument.

Later, Hugo notices that a bad atmosphere reigns on the family boat. He then suggests that his parents go to sea to meet up while he takes care of his brothers and sisters. Luna therefore welcomes the Castel siblings in a room of the Celeste. She learns of their parents’ plan and finds herself terribly embarrassed.

Before Bastien sets sail, Luna joins him in the harbor, fearing that he will reconcile with his wife. Bastien promises to put things straight with the latter in order to fully live his relationship with her. As they kiss, Elodie observes them from the boat …

Sylvia breaks up with Benjamin

Estelle confronts Benjamin about the girl he found at the hotel the day before. The latter justifies himself by saying that he suffers from not being able to be with Estelle. As she refuses to be with him, he continues to look elsewhere. The beautician is deeply disgusted by his behavior. Meanwhile, Francesco shows his sister the photo he took of Benjamin with his mistress. If Sylvia is devastated, she still finds excuses for her companion with whom she hopes to be able to put the pieces back together, much to Francesco’s dismay.

Benjamin arrives at Estelle and Francesco’s apartment to speak with Sylvia. Despite her brother’s opposition, she accepts. Outside, Benjamin declares that he made a mistake and wants to be with her. When he adds that Francesco has a grudge against him, Sylvia prefers to cut ties. Soon after, Estelle comforts Sylvia about her breakup with Benjamin. However, as soon as she finds herself alone, Sylvia contacts a surgeon to make an emergency appointment for a breast augmentation.

Kylian is arrested by the police

After having made Betty believe that he was the owner of the Mistral bar, Kylian finally succeeds in convincing François to organize a party there with his friends. For his part, Thomas expresses his doubts to Roland about François’ methods of educating twins. His brother then emphasizes that his famous methods have proven their worth.

In the evening, François takes a seat at Kylian’s party, where he questions Betty to find out her opinion on the value for money. The teenager replies to have been invited by the boss. François corrects his remarks. Upon learning that he is the real owner of the bar, Betty compliments her establishment, then invites him to dance, under the eyes of Kylian, dumbfounded. Drunk with anger, the young man leaves the bar. He wanders around town, then lets off steam on a car that he hits with an iron bar. He is caught in the act by Eric, who proceeds to his arrest …

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