More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Thursday, December 23, 2021 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Estelle tries to see more clearly in her sentimental life, Babeth finds tips to recharge the batteries. Luna receives unexpected support from her youthful sweetheart …

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Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Barrault waives its right of first refusal

Elodie is convinced that Bastien can influence Barrault concerning the preemption on the Celeste because he had already managed to save them the day in Japan when the governor had removed their visa. Even though he hadn’t told his wife anything about the method he had used. Bastien therefore ends up giving in to Elodie’s request.

Meanwhile, Mirta meets Akira, the Castel’s daughter, quite lively for her age. Luna meets her in turn. Akira notices that she has clay under her shoes just like her father, which is quite rare in the area. Luna puts on a good face until the girl leaves. Mirta then tells Luna that the Casts have four children in all.

For his part, Bastien breaks into Barrault’s office and pretends to be a sponsor of Takao Yoshida, a yakuza who would like to sell his cash, in particular by buying the Celeste.

After that, Bastien tells Elodie and Luna that he is confident about the success of his poker move. Indeed, Barrault does research on the internet and reads articles on the famous Takao Yoshida. If Vitreuil thinks it’s just bullying, Barrault takes it seriously. When Vitreuil dissociates himself from him and lets him solve the problem on his own, the deputy mayor immediately calls Luna to tell her that he is giving up his right of first refusal …

Tensions between Estelle and Francesco

Upon waking up, Estelle regrets having fallen for Benjamin. The latter, on the contrary, is convinced that they were made to meet. He even admits to being ready to leave Sylvia for Estelle. Despite her desire to resist the temptation, Estelle gives in once more.

After which, Francesco and Sylvia return from their trip to Italy, absolutely delighted. As everyone prepares lunch, Sylvia is too anxious to give Benjamin and Estelle the presents they brought back, as a way of making amends for seeing them give up. Francesco gives Estelle a limited edition perfume that he went to fetch directly from Grasse to please her.

Estelle and Francesco then enjoy a moment for two at the Marci over a coffee. Francesco notices that his partner is tense. He asks her about Benjamin. Estelle claims she hasn’t seen him much since she’s been working all day. Her partner points out that she does not usually work Wednesday afternoons. Fanny, who was listening to their conversation, intervenes to make Estelle’s lie credible by saying that she released her back urgently.

Back at the apartment, Francesco wants to take some free time to make love with Estelle. When she pushes him away, he finds that it has been the case for several weeks. Estelle retorts that she feels embarrassed by the presence of Benjamin and Sylvia. But that does not prevent Francesco from being upset.

Patrick and Babeth are exhausted

Patrick and Babeth cope with the incessant crying of their baby. Exhausted, Babeth claims that Jeanne was robbed. So, she leaves the apartment for a few hours, joining Jeanne and Luna for a drink and relax.

Back home, Babeth finds Yolande, Émilie and Léa. They want to celebrate Christmas with their families. Léa offers to celebrate it with her and Jean-Paul. For her part, Emilie plans a shift to take care of Raphaël that evening.

Yolande and Émilie then set out in search of a relaxing gift for Patrick and Babeth.

Meanwhile, Ariane and Eric come to visit Jean-Paul’s new apartment. They take the opportunity to bring gifts for Aurore and Lucie. The police officers do not stay long, required on a noise signaled to the address of Nebout.

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