More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Thursday August 25, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News…

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of thursday august 25, 2022 [spoilers] - news...

In the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”… While Eric is ready to do anything to avenge Simon, Lola tries to tame the wolf she has met. And will Emilie take on Simon’s job?

Emma and Justine: the confrontation

Justine and Emma come face to face in the street. Baptiste’s girlfriend suspects her rival of following her. The latter, who has overheard her conversation, asks her if she has anything to hide. Justine then summons her not to reverse the situation, but Emma insists and questions her about her interlocutor.

She noticed that they looked close. The young woman goes so far as to suspect Justine of cheating on Baptiste. The latter rebels but Emma is stubborn and asks to see her phone. Justine calls her sick and leaves.

The next day, Justine confides in Baptiste that Emma followed her the day before in the street and that she made a scene for him. She assures the young man that if she does it again, things will go wrong. Baptiste promises her that she will talk to him to clear things up.

Very angry with Emma, ​​Baptiste goes to her old apartment. The young woman tries to justify herself and explains to him that she wanted to speak to Justine and that she couldn’t help listening to her conversation. But Baptiste doesn’t want to hear anything and once again sets things straight: it’s over between them. He then asks Emma to stop trying to break up her history with Justine.

Eric ready to do justice to himself

Accused of attempted murder, Roger Mallard is interviewed by the police. During this interview, he explains to Ariane that he has known Simon since he was little and that he could never hurt him. The old man proclaims his innocence.

He admits to having diverted water from the canal but continues to claim that what is going on between him and Simon is just bickering. In his eyes, Simon is a good guy and he doesn’t want him to die. Ariane lets him go, but he must remain at the disposal of the police.

Ariane then joins Eric in the hospital. The former policeman is at Simon’s bedside. She then offers her friend to come and rest at her place, especially since it will be more practical in terms of travel. Eric thanks her, but he knows he’s not a gift right now. He prefers to take a room at the Zéphyr.

Eric then explains to Ariane that he is awaiting the dermatologist’s verdict concerning a possible skin graft, and that Simon has liver failure. Ariane confesses to him that the police no longer have any suspects concerning the attempted murder. Marc has an alibi and she is convinced that Mallard is not guilty.

Eric loses his temper and leaves the hospital hastily to go to the farmer, determined to take justice into his own hands. He grabs the old man’s gun and threatens him with it.

Lola’s secret getaway soon to be discovered?

Sunalee absolutely needs to reach Lola and she asks Kilian for her sister’s new number. The young man explains to her that Lola doesn’t want any contact with anyone, but Sunalee thinks that for her it’s different since she’s her best friend.

Kilian continues to refuse, having had no particular instructions concerning her. Faced with the teenager’s insistence, he ends up telling her to come back to the Mistral bar that same evening at 6 p.m. because that’s the time she’s supposed to call him.

For her part, Lola falls once again on the wolf as she comes out of her tent. She gives him a drink, but the animal continues to stare at her without coming near her. The young girl wonders if she is not dealing with a domesticated wolf, the animal not fleeing from humans.

Sunalee returns to the Mistral bar around 5:30 p.m. At the same time, Gabriel and Thomas arrive in turn at the restaurant and announce to Kilian that they have had a great idea. They are going to pay Lola a little surprise visit tomorrow at the shelter. The young man becomes pale and tries to convince them not to go, without success. He warns his sister who asks him to invent an excuse.

Emilie leaves Etienne

At Marci, Emilie and Sylvia talk about Etienne. The latter admits to him that she heard them discuss last night the secondary activity of her boyfriend. The young waitress can’t help but fantasize about Etienne’s performance in bed.

In high school, Nathan, who hasn’t lost a beat of their conversation, shows Blanche the video from Etienne’s adult movie. And to her surprise, she’s not even a little embarrassed. Emilie surprises them.

Later, the young woman finds Etienne and admits to him that she keeps imagining him with other women. She then offers him to take a break to think about the situation. The young man is not surprised: each time his girlfriends found out what he was doing alongside his philosophy studies, they left him.

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