More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Monday, September 5, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Mirta and Luc suffer the consequences of their idyll, Vidal is caught in the trap of Vanessa’s love madness. Will Eric give up his revenge?

More beautiful life in advance summary of the episode of

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Eric considers suicide

Justine criticizes Baptiste for having let Emma twist her brain by suspecting her of being the arsonist. Baptiste explains that he couldn’t help but make films, while Justine feels that he should have trusted her. They are interrupted when Justine receives messages from Jourdan and has to leave. Baptiste goes back to see Emma to tell her that they were wrong. He can’t tell her anything more which Emma finds particularly inflated.

Meanwhile, Ariane steps in to convince Eric to drop his lighter and not make a huge mistake by killing Martin. Eric ends up listening to her. Ariane calls for reinforcements and an ambulance to take care of Martin, who has passed out. Eric, meanwhile, feels guilty for bringing the crow back to the farm. He reveals to have proof that the crow is holding something of value.

Once the weekend is over, Ariane announces to Eric that Martin has signed a full confession and is going to be placed in preventive detention, while Marc will be released during the day. On the other hand, Martin filed a complaint against Eric. But Ariane pleaded her case. Thus, Eric is indicted but remains free.

Eric rushes to the hospital. He panics when he finds that Simon’s room is empty. In the corridor, the nurse explains to him that he simply changed rooms because he no longer needed to be in a sterile environment. She informs him that the hematoma of his liver has resolved and that his condition has stabilized. Nevertheless, she warns him because Simon is now plunged into a deep coma and he risks never waking up.

Completely depressed, Eric spends his evening drinking, alone in his room. He grabs a revolver, ready to end his life…

Roman is trapped

As he regains consciousness, Romain discovers that his ankle is attached to a chain, itself attached to a piece of furniture in the living room. Vanessa shows up, arguing that they will go through withdrawal together. She promises to untie him when he’s ready.

Last weekend, Romain realizes that Vanessa is completely crazy. He loses patience and becomes violent.

Vanessa walks away from him. Romain then hears the telephone conversation she has with Sylvia. Vanessa says that Romain intends to ask her to marry the same evening. When Sylvia asks to speak to her roommate, Vanessa simply pretends he’s busy.

When Vanessa joins him inside, Romain adopts a new strategy and gets into his game. He says he’s angry with himself for taking bad medicine for him when he’s a doctor. He admits to having heard his conversation with Sylvia and even if he had not necessarily thought of marriage, he claims that it is obvious in view of all that Vanessa does for him.

A little later, Romain, still attached, kneels down and asks Vanessa to marry him. This one is in heaven. Romain would like to give her the engagement ring he inherited from his mother and wants to pick it up from the roommate. But Vanessa prefers to go alone, believing that Romain is not yet in good shape. The young man hides his disappointment and accepts his conditions. He reveals to her that the ring is hidden in a blue shoebox, in her dressing room.

Mirta assumes his relationship in public

While waiting for Mirta in the lobby of the Zephyr, Father Luc is questioned by Luna, who tells him of her concern about her mother. She is indeed wary of the priest. When Mirta joins him, she declares to be disappointed with her daughter’s behavior.

Mirta insists that they settle on the terrace of the Mistral bar, counting on her friends in the neighborhood to respect her relationship, which she now intends to assume in public. Father Luc accepts, especially since he has always had the habit of causing ridicule.

Inside the bar, Leo and Blanche share their thoughts on how Mirta and Père Luc appear together, unlike Claire, who advocates tolerance. For her part, Mirta tries somehow to attract Leo’s attention to be served. Father Luc eventually returns. Leo pretends to be busy. Mirta decides to leave. Father Luc follows her, just after politely putting Leo and Blanche back in their place.

Mirta and her lover go for a walk together and try to envisage a common future without worrying about when they will say. Father Luc announces that he is ready to face his hierarchy.