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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Céline is driven by strange urges. Rochat makes a surprising choice to replace his history-geography teacher. Did Kevin really give up on girls?

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Celine is manipulated by Livia

In the middle of the night, Céline goes to the Place du Mistral and paints the wall just next to the bar with a blood-red pentacle. In the morning, she wakes up screaming, thinking of a bad dream. As she goes to the bathroom to wipe the paint stains off her hands, Doctor Livia removes the Pentacle Pendant he had placed under her pillow.

When they discover the symbol tagged on the wall, Leo and Thomas are in shock. They explain to Claire that it is the signature of Doctor Livia, alias Le Corbeau, a serial killer who raged in the neighborhood fifteen years ago. He notably killed Thomas’s mother and Khadija, Leo’s ex-wife. The latter personally tracked down and locked up the serial killer. After hearing about a prisoner breakout, Leo begins to make the connection…

To get to the bottom of it, he goes to the police station and questions Jean-Paul about it. This confirms the identity of all the escapees. Leo wants to be hired as a reservist to support the police in their search. While discussing with Jean-Paul, he is disturbed by the photo of Agathe Robin.

On the Place du Mistral, the police take readings. Ariane tries to reassure Mirta and Thomas. Celine arrives on the scene and cannot believe her eyes. She says she suffers from a headache and goes home to rest. She takes two sleeping pills to fall asleep. Doctor Livia approaches her and gradually hypnotizes her, telling her to take care of Vincent Chaumette the next day…

Kevin falls in love with Alexandra

While on a bike ride as a police officer, Kevin notices a car hitting a stop sign. He rushes after her. After several efforts, he arrives at the height of the vehicle, completely out of breath. The young driver offers him a bottle of water, before giving him his papers. She admits that she is not focused on the road because of her stress, due to her first day of training. She manages to convince Kevin not to verbalize her.

Kevin then returns to the police station where Jean-Paul entrusts him with the mission of training a young woman for two months. Kevin discovers that it is the driver he met earlier in the morning. Her name is Alexandra.

Kevin forms her on the pending PVs. He appreciates her sense of humor and a bond develops between them. At the end of the day, Alexandra puts on her civilian clothes. Kevin admires her slightly quirky look when she explains to him that she is going to a concert. Before leaving, she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Laetitia becomes a teacher at Scotto

Blanche expresses her concerns to Rochat regarding her choice to replace the history-geography teacher. The high school principal sticks to his guns and suggests that he wait before judging.

For their part, the students make several hypotheses. They are surprised to see Laetitia Belesta walk through the door of their classroom. Immediately, Betty confronts her about her job as a maid. Laetitia puts her in her place by recounting her professional career, in particular the acquisition of a double degree in history and geo thanks to evening classes, in addition to her professional activity.

After which, Laetitia goes to see Rochat in his office to tell him that her first lesson did not go well and that she does not feel up to it, especially vis-à-vis the students. Rochat nevertheless encouraged him to persevere and prove himself.

Meanwhile, Blanche is getting used to Betty’s presence in her home. Indeed, Noé has agreed to come back and live with his mother on the condition that his girlfriend is always welcome there. Blanche takes the opportunity to question them about Laetitia’s skills. Everyone agrees that she is not cut out to be a teacher.

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