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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Mirta is the victim of a miracle, Emma wonders about Vanessa’s personality. As for Eric, he faces a dilemma about Simon’s future.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Emma investigates Vanessa

Revel makes an announcement: the firefighters are mobilized on the ground, but they are starting to be very tired. If homes have already been evacuated, the Marseillais must prepare for the worst…

When Baptiste comes to drop off things that Mathis forgot to Emma, ​​she informs him that she has a new lead for the arsonist. But Baptiste suspects her of simply trying to spend time with him when he no longer wants to have contact with her. He doesn’t listen to her when she says she saw abalone shells in the background of Vanessa and Romain’s selfie.

Meanwhile, Romain regains consciousness, tied to a chair. He inquires about Paul from Vanessa, who claims her father simply left. When Romain offers to help him manage his illness with new treatments, Vanessa turns against him and leaves him alone.

For her part, Emma has her wound treated at the arcade by Gabriel. The latter admits that Baptiste seems to have turned the page thanks to Justine. However, Emma says she still loves him and will continue to fight for their relationship.

While having a drink at the Marci, Emma takes the opportunity to ask Barbara about Vanessa. She also proposes to replace her to give her a dessert tasting for the wedding. Emma therefore goes to the roommate where Sylvia does some alterations on Vanessa’s wedding dress. Emma notices that the latter has a tattoo on her lower back: it’s the same symbol hung on the front of Jourdan’s home.

While Emma has Vanessa do the tastings, she tries to find out where she lives. But the bride-to-be quickly moves on. When she leaves, Emma decides to follow her. She just has time to ask Gabriel to keep Mathis a little longer, before hiding under a canvas in Vanessa’s pick-up…

Mirta is healed

Luna challenges Gabriel on the Place du Mistral about a hospital bill she received in her mother’s name. However, the doctor respects the Hippocratic oath and reveals nothing to him. But Luna, who hasn’t heard from her mother for a few days, ends up finding her in Marseille-Est. Mirta confesses that a breast tumor was removed. She explains to her daughter that she didn’t tell her anything because she was in denial.

Later, Gabriel tells them that Mirta is out of danger because her tumor hasn’t spread. She must nevertheless undergo radiotherapy sessions to prevent any risk of recurrence. Mirta is convinced that her recovery is a divine miracle.

When she leaves the hospital, she goes to the church of Père Luc. She tells him that she was cured thanks to him. Father Luc is delighted for her, but he still has to leave Marseille for Roubaix, on the orders of his hierarchy. Mirta accompanies him to the station, where he has to catch his train. The two lovers promise never to forget what they shared.

Eric makes a heavy decision

At the hospital, Gabriel informs Eric that the fires are getting closer and closer to Marseille and that their ventilation system can no longer filter the harmful particles that accumulate in the air. This means that the most fragile patients will be transferred to other hospitals in the region.

This is the case of Simon. However, moving it is not without risk and any complication can prove fatal. Eric must therefore sign a discharge to authorize the transfer of Simon in full knowledge of the facts.

The former police officer takes the time to reflect, while Ariane comes to support him. Eric does not want to put his companion at risk. He therefore promises to stay with him, in Marseille, until the end.

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