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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Léo takes all the risks for Agathe. Kilian inherits the Mistral bar. As for Alexandra and Kevin, will they succeed in becoming a couple?

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Leo takes risks for Agathe

Luna is needed at the morgue to identify Pavel. Patrick offers her his condolences, but Luna admits that she feels liberated.

For her part, Ariane collects Lorraine’s confession. She accuses Luna of having dragged Pavel down. He only thought of her when he had a lot of potential as a criminal. When he learned that Luna had managed to escape, he started crying. This is where Lorraine decided to kill him.

Last weekend, Léo goes to Revel’s office to plead Agathe’s case. He states that it was thanks to her that they managed to stop Pavel and save Luna. In fact, Agathe deserves a remission. However, it is out of the question for the prosecutor who believes that Agathe’s place is in prison.

Meanwhile, Claire goes to see Agathe in her new hideout to bring her something to eat. The latter takes the opportunity to thank her for having saved her life. Claire retorts that she did it for Leo and not for her. Claire then asks her what she plans to do once freed. Agathe claims to be in love with Leo. Claire is too and believes that Leo deserves to be happy staying in Marseille to enjoy his retirement and the routine he has created for himself.

A little later, Leo goes to see Agathe in turn. He tells her that Revel doesn’t want to hear anything. Agathe sees no other solution than to leave France. But Leo hopes instead to find the video of Revel with the escorts to blackmail him. Agathe considers it too dangerous. Indeed, Pavel’s villa is under seal and if Leo is caught, he risks going to prison. But the former policeman is ready for anything. So he goes to the villa, but when he is about to go inside, he gets arrested…

Kevin gets in a relationship with Alexandra

At Marci, Emilie sees Kevin at a table next to hers and notices his nervousness. She takes news of him, settling in front of him. Kevin admits that he has heart problems but he doesn’t want to bother his ex with his stories. By dint of questioning him, Emilie finally understands the situation. Kevin confides in what he feels for Alexandra: he has feelings and desire for her, but he still experiences a blockage because she is not operated on. Emilie suggests that he listen to his heart.

Kevin therefore goes to Alexandra to ask her to formalize their relationship. He’s willing to give them a chance even though she’s not planning on having surgery. Alexandra is delighted.

The two lovers settle on the sofa. While they are kissing, Kevin confesses that he is afraid to go further. Alexandra is understanding. She agrees to take the time it takes.

Kilian inherits the Mistral bar

Kilian finds his birthday present from Roland, which he hadn’t had the courage to open. In the company of his sister, he finally discovers its contents: it is a key with a keychain in the shape of a boxing glove. A word from Roland accompanies the gift. By reading it, Kilian understands what the key opens…

Accompanied by Lola, Kilian goes to his father’s boxing gym. The key opens his old locker. Kilian sees this gift as a message from his father: if he needs to let off steam, he should hit a bag. Kilian and Lola then learn that Roland bought this key ring just after an appointment with his notary.

The twins inform their brothers of the situation. François therefore makes an appointment with the notary in question. According to her, Roland made a will when he returned from his trip to the United States. François is certain that the inheritance will be fair. Whatever happens, Lola especially wants nothing to divide their family bond.

During the meeting, the notary announces that François inherits land at a place called La Rouvière, that Thomas inherits a 10-meter sailboat, that Lola inherits life insurance of 145,000 euros and finally, that Kilian inherits the Mistral bar. François believes that Lola and Kilian are advantaged in the distribution. The notary replies that Roland no doubt wanted to bequeath more to his minor children to enable them to get started in life.

At the end of the meeting, François expresses his dissatisfaction. Kilian promises he didn’t know anything.

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