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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Abdel’s procrastination threatens his relationship with Elisa. Noah wonders who he will go to the ball with. The more Eric’s happiness grows, the more he hates his job.

More beautiful life in advance summary of the episode of

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Elisa issues an ultimatum to Abdel

With no news from Abdel, Elisa thinks that the police officer ringing her doorbell has come to arrest her father. On the contrary, the policewoman is there to alert them to a burglary in the neighborhood. When Vincent notices that Elisa doesn’t look well, she pretends to be suffering from the heat.

During this time, Barbara encourages Abdel to act. Leaving his house, he meets Elisa, who is trying to understand what is happening. Abdel reveals to him that he saw Marco’s video but he needs to check something. He asks her to trust him.

Tim, who overheard their conversation, waits for Abdel to leave to suggest that Elisa view the images on her computer. Elisa is in shock seeing her father on the video. Tim does not hesitate to let him know that his henchman is none other than Karim, Abdel’s father, and that, obviously, he is not ready to denounce him.

For his part, Abdel finds his father. The young lawyer is tormented: he does not want to sacrifice his love affair with Elisa, but he knows that his father risks life imprisonment if he denounces him. Instead, Abdel orders Karim to cut ties with Vincent. As soon as he has confirmation, Abdel is reassured. At the same time, Elisa goes to his house. She declares that they will have nothing more to do together if Abdel does not want to denounce Karim in addition to Vincent…

Eric loses interest in his job

Despite his desire to stay in Simon’s arms, Eric gets up to go to work. Ready to leave a sweet note to his lover, he changes his mind and throws the paper away. Nevertheless, Simon catches up to him just before he gets into his car. He warns him that a mare must give birth in the evening, hoping that they can share this moment together. Eric promises to be there.

Arrived late at the police station, Eric has his suspenders pulled up by Jean-Paul. With Revel, the latter decides to search the flea market in search of stolen art and jewelry. On the spot, Jean-Paul instructs Eric to make a detailed descriptive list of all the objects seized. Disgusted, the policeman warns Simon that he will not be able to join him in the evening.

Eric stays up late at the police station to complete his mission. Simon calls him to tell him that the whelping of his mare went very well. The two men hope to see each other the next day to choose a first name for the foal together.

Noah chooses to be Lola’s horseman

At the Mistral bar, Lola wants to show her prom dress to Sunalee. She then discovers that her dress is torn. For his part, Noé receives messages from Betty, who still hopes that he will be her date for the ball.

Noé ignores Betty’s messages and accompanies Lola to a thrift store to find her a new dress. Crazy with joy, Lola repeats to him how much she loves him and how she sees her future with him. After which, Noah goes to Betty’s to tell her that he won’t be her date, out of respect for Lola. Betty affirms that she takes it well, while she is pained.

Meanwhile, Dimitri realizes that many of his sister’s former classmates will be attending the prom. Sunalee feels this is a chance to find out more about what happened to her. However, Dimitri insists that she not take too many risks.

Franck and Delphine, meanwhile, have finished setting up the time gallery for the ball. Requested on a construction site, Franck regrets not being able to attend. He hopes that Delphine will be able to manage her son alone, especially when the latter will be confronted with photos of Coralie in the gallery of time.

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