More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Monday February 28, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Patrick plans to go fast, the confrontation between Malika and the roommate goes up a notch. For their part, the Fedala must take leave of the charming Ophelia…

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of monday february 28, 2022 [spoilers] - news...

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Patrick agrees to go fast

While Patrick undertakes to go back and forth to Barcelona to bring the cocaine back to the Rousseau gang and finally have peace, Babeth tries to dissuade him and Manon wants to do it in his place. Patrick reassures them. Meanwhile, Eric and Jean-Paul prepare their teams to intercept the delivery. Revel doesn’t want to miss it. For this, he is ready to mobilize as many men as necessary.

For her part, Babeth criticizes Manon for having trouble dealing with Raphaël. Patrick reminds his wife that she must learn to leave him her place as a mother and not forget Rémi. While Patrick snoops around the police station for information on go fast and clashes with Jean-Paul, Babeth invites Manon to play with Raphaël, but she can’t help but blame him.

In the evening, Patrick announces to Rayan and his accomplice that he is going to go fast on the condition of fixing the meeting place himself. He reveals that his police colleagues have already found the delivery location, meaning the gang has a mole among them. Rayan agrees to Patrick’s terms. They will communicate via a telephone that he will provide for her. When Patrick turns on his heels, the gang leader declares that he will kill him, as well as Manon, as soon as the go fast is over…

The roommates discover Malika’s past

The roommates take revenge on Malika and make her life hard: Nathan and Mouss make noise while playing the console to prevent her from working peacefully and they don’t hesitate to use all the hot water before she goes to take her shower. Malika therefore decides to go to Rochat. Meanwhile, Nathan, Sabrina and Mouss take the opportunity to search his room. They come across a stack of papers hidden in an underwear drawer. In an envelope, they discover Rochat’s will, written 10 days after his PACS with Malika whom he designates as his sole beneficiary. The roommates are very surprised that he bequeaths nothing to Caesar, his only descendant.

In high school, Nathan and Mouss try to talk to Rochat about it. But the headmaster doesn’t want to hear anything, accusing them of having violated his partner’s privacy. They even threaten to fire them from the roommate at the end of the lease. For her part, Sabrina learns that Malika threw her grant application file for her association in the trash, supposedly inadvertently. The roommates gather around a drink, worried about the situation. They are even more so when Sabrina tells them about her research on Malika: she had two ex-husbands who died of a heart attack…

The Fedalas get their code

Fedala pass their code exam. Even if he is afraid of making a mistake, Karim prefers not to cheat because he knows that Ophélie does not like liars. Bilal, he secretly hopes to miss the code so he can continue to see his instructor. And Abdel decides to go ahead rather than try his luck with her again.

Later, Ophelia goes to their house to successively announce good news to them. With 5 faults, Bilal gets his code. He can’t wait to start driving lessons and especially to see her again. As for Karim and Abdel, they finally get their license back. Both offer her a GPS to thank her.

Once Ophelia is gone, the Fedalas feel a void. Abdel then suggests finding a new family activity but comes up against the unavailability of his father and his godson. Rather than staying alone at home, Abdel goes for a drink at Marci. Since he feels ready to move on, he offers Barbara to look for a soul mate together, which she happily accepts.

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