More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Monday February 14, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Patrick and Babeth make a terrible discovery. Rochat is about to celebrate a happy event. For his part, Karim is about to experience a surprising reunion.

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of monday february 14, 2022 [spoilers] - news...

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

The Nebouts discover the disappearance of Raphaël

On Saturday morning, Patrick and Babeth wake up in a good mood after enjoying a lie-in. But then they discover with horror that their son is not in his crib. They contact Yolande, Léa and Émilie but none of them took Raphaël. Patrick then remembers that Manon is the only other person to have the keys to their apartment. Since he always gets his answering machine when he calls her, he assumes that she has switched off her cell phone. The Nebouts therefore come to the conclusion that the young woman has kidnapped their son…

For their part, Rayan and his accomplice arrive at Manon’s. They discover that she has disappeared with the money they had entrusted to her. However, the weapons they hid at her house are still there and they decide to move them.

Once the weekend is over, Patrick and Éric, accompanied by several colleagues, go to the Cité Rousseau. They meet Rayan and his accomplice, who gives them Manon’s address, claiming not to have seen him. Patrick notices that Manon’s apartment is empty, upside down. He thinks she ran away from a jealous ex, while Éric thinks she is linked to the gang war between Rousseau and Berre.

Patrick returns home and finds his wife to tell her that he has no trace of Raphaël. Babeth is devastated…

Rochat and Malika are in PACS

Saturday, Rochat arrives at the roommate. In the grip of doubt, he fears disappointing Malika, whom he puts on a pedestal. But Sabrina reassures him about his qualities.

Monday is D-Day. Everyone is gathered at the town hall except Malika, who is late. Rochat thinks she has changed her mind and doesn’t want him anymore. But his sweetheart ends up arriving with a Napoleon hat. In charge of the ceremony, Léa formalizes the PACS of Rochat and Malika.

They then go to the roommate to celebrate the event. Barbara, Mouss, Nathan and Sabrina organized everything. Rochat then launches into a long speech on his feelings towards his companion.

Later, Nathan overhears Malika taking the dimensions of her room. Faced with her astonishment, Malika pretends that her boss puts pressure on her and that she can’t stop thinking about her work.

Karim follows Ophélie’s advice

Encouraged by Abdel, Karim decides to follow Ophélie’s advice by picking up the phone when Elsa tries to reach him. He agrees to see her and arranges to meet her at the Marci, even if he is apprehensive about why she wants to talk to him. There, Elsa informs him that she needs his agreement to close their joint account at the bank. She makes him sign the papers, then he leaves.

Meanwhile, Abdel receives a Valentine’s Day ad that Nisma tries to hide from him. She worries about her tutor as she feels he is struggling to move on from his history with Alison. Abdel reassures her, saying he wouldn’t stand up if he didn’t have Nisma and Bilal in his life.

For his part, Bilal receives a call from Ophélie while he is working at the home with Noé and Kilian. His instructor insists on confirming his code course for the afternoon, then hangs up. In front of his friends, Bilal pretends that the conversation is going on and that he has to join Ophelia for some sex before taking her to a restaurant.

During his driving lesson with Ophélie, Karim admits that he followed her advice but that his conversation with Elsa left him feeling unfinished. Ophelia suggests that he call her back.

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