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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While François forces Lola and Kylian to work at the bar, Akira tries to end his father’s relationship with Luna. As for Francesco, is he going to put Sylvia and Benjamin out?

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Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Akira poisons Luna

While Hugo and Sunalee show Luna the model of the Celeste they made, Pablo and Akira argue over whether or not they should confront their father about what they saw the day before. If the young boy prefers to say nothing, Akira thinks on the contrary that they must do everything to keep their family intact. Bastien surprises them and suspects them of plotting something but they deny it.

When signing Celeste’s promise to sell, Bastien and Elodie offer Luna and Mirta to work with them because they have no expertise in managing a hotel. Mirta is obviously delighted and accepts. Luna remains more reserved, but she is also very happy.

For her part, after making Luna understand that she had a grudge against her, Akira rummages in the kitchen of the family boat. Surprised by her mother, she makes up a lie that Pablo is sick – which is why she is looking for the key to the pharmacy. When his mother gives it to him, Akira actually collects a vial of poison. While Bastien and Luna are having a picnic on the beach, Akira take advantage of their going for a swim to pour a drop of poison on Luna’s dessert …

François makes Kylian and Lola work at the Mistral

François wakes up the teenagers very early to come and work at the Mistral bar with him. Kylian will be in the dining room, while Lola will be in the kitchen. If they refuse, François intends to remove them from the internet. Under duress, the twins follow him.

On site, François teaches Kylian all the rules of the waiter profession. But the latter is confident because he already has experience in the field. He is easily distracted by a client. But during the service it is not so easy. Because of him, some customers leave the bar and Thomas comes to make fun of his brother at the counter.

Soon after, François agrees to cut Kylian’s suffering short. Ready to go home, the teenager immediately changes his mind when he sees Betty sit on the terrace. He takes her order and gives her preferential treatment which she interprets as flirting. Kylian claims he has long since turned the page. So Betty challenges him to serve her professionally if she returns to the bar with his girlfriend.

Sylvia suspects Benjamin of cheating on her

Francesco announces to Estelle that he intends to ask Sylvia and Benjamin to leave. Indeed, he understood that they can no longer live together in their apartment and that his couple needs to regain their privacy. He will continue to see his sister at the food truck, but he wants to focus on his relationship with Estelle. The latter is very touched by his attention.

When talking about it with Sylvia, Francesco notices that she is not doing well. She reveals to her that she smelled the smell of another woman on Benjamin’s clothes. Faced with his sister’s despair, Francesco gives up putting her out. Meanwhile, Estelle makes an appointment with Benjamin to set things straight. According to her, putting distance between them is the best thing to do. On the contrary, Benjamin affirms his desire to be with her. They are kissing…

Later, Francesco returns to the apartment and talks to Benjamin. He takes the opportunity to talk about Sylvia’s suspicions of cheating on him. Benjamin assures Francesco that he will never cheat on her and that she has a tendency to make movies because of low self-esteem. But Francesco sees a trace of lipstick on the collar of his sweater and understands that Benjamin is lying to him.

Francesco immediately talks to Sylvia about it. He promises to catch Benjamin in the act with his mistress. With that, Estelle returns to the apartment. Francesco then explains to his partner that Sylvia is going to stay with them for a while longer, at least until she resolves her problems.

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