More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Monday August 29, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News…

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of monday august 29, 2022 [spoilers] - news...

In the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”… Eric tries to forget his despair in an investigation where the leads multiply while Mirta is overtaken by his bad conscience. For her part, Lola tames a wolf.

Eric tries to forget his despair

The disappearance of the crow leaves Eric perplexed. He wonders if whoever took him might not be the same person who hurt Simon. The former policeman tries to forget his problems by embarking on his own investigation. He breaks into Martin the junk dealer and finds the crow sitting in a crate. Eric then takes pictures of the object.

He then finds Ariane at the Mistral bar. She informs him that Marc, Simon’s ex, lied to them: he was not at his mother’s when Simon was assaulted. The young man was seen in a bar thirty kilometers from the farm. The owner of the establishment lodged a complaint against him, because Marc, who had drunk more than reason, hit him when he wanted to kick him out.

Marc left at 6:30 p.m., which gave him time to go to the farm. But Simon’s ex is now nowhere to be found. Ariane therefore decides to go through the young man’s mother. She manages to convince her to meet him. She must meet Marc, Wednesday at 10 a.m. on the Place du Mistral.

Eric goes to Simon’s bedside. He is lost, the tracks continue to multiply. He is convinced that Marc is hiding something but at the same time, it is at Martin’s that he has found the missing crow. Eric is desperate. He wants Simon to wake up and beg him not to abandon him. He ends up breaking down and bursting into tears.

Mirta caught up in her bad conscience

Father Luc wrote a letter to Mirta in which he told her about his feelings. He also gives her an appointment at the Marci. Luna’s mother hesitated for a long time before joining him, because she had also written him a letter, but she preferred to come and see him in person.

Mirta confides in her that her bad conscience has caught up with her, but Father Luc makes a poignant declaration of love for her. The young man is convinced that it is the Lord who has brought them together. He then offers to spend the day by his side. Father Luc must indeed visit some parishioners and prepare meals for the homeless.

Mirta accepts with all due honor, but they can’t help but flirt. Nelson finds them later at the Zéphyr to inform them that he has found a furnished apartment in a hostel for young workers and that he will be able to leave the hotel.

Lola struggles to control her violence

Lola continues to be haunted by Betty who keeps provoking her by telling her about the violence of Kilian and Mathieu, her ex-stepfather. As Lola brings out the hatred she feels for him by trying to strangle him, Mathieu appears. He then encourages her to squeeze Betty’s neck harder, but Lola controls herself and pulls herself together. She finds it increasingly difficult to control her violence.

At Zéphyr, Thomas hands Luna flyers of the restaurant’s new menu so that she can distribute them to her customers. He explains to her that they have found a new slot with Gabriel to go see Lola. Sunalee, who overheard the conversation, tries to talk her out of it and advises her to respect Lola’s freedom and privacy.

Thanks to what she considers to be her good deed, Sunalee convinces Kilian to leave her an open account at the mistral bar until Christmas. They also decide to join forces to protect Lola as best they can, for as long as it takes.

Emma shows the picture to Barbara

Emma shows Barbara the photo she took the day before of Justine. She is reluctant to show the photo to Baptiste, because she has always despised jealous women. For Barbara, there is no doubt, she must tell him because Justine seems to be hiding things. She is convinced that Baptiste has never been able to forget Emma, ​​and that this photo could be the electroshock that will make him aware of his feelings towards the mother of his son.

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