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In the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”… While Eric prays for Simon, Father Luc is overtaken by his bad conscience. For their part, will Vidal and Vanessa spend the night together?

Simon between life and death

Burned, Simon is lying on his stomach, unconscious. Devastated, Eric calls for help. Once there, the firefighters put out the fire and transport Simon to the burns department. The RCCI unit then investigates the fire that struck Simon’s farm. They quickly dismiss the thesis of the accident and put forward the hypothesis that it could be the work of the arsonist.

But this fire is very different from previous ones, the criminal usually not attacking homes. Firefighters also did not find an abalone shell or ignition wick at the crime scene. As they continue to investigate, many fires break out simultaneously in the area.

Two days later, at the hospital, Éric is on edge. He does not know anything about the state of health of Simon who has undergone two operations since Friday. Ariane joins him to take news. Eric is afraid for Simon. The policewoman then decides to stay by his side to support him in this ordeal.

A few hours later, Dr. Riva finds Eric to inform him that Simon is stabilized. He had lost a lot of blood and went into hypovolemic shock. He is now under sedation with deep analgesia and his vital prognosis is still engaged.

The skin graft can only take place when Simon is out of the woods. Riva also informs Eric that his companion was seriously injured in the liver, because he took a bullet at point-blank range. The former policeman is in shock.

Father Luc in turmoil

At the hotel, Mirta prays with the rosary offered by Father Luc. She asks forgiveness from God for the kiss that she and the young man exchanged. She is interrupted in her dreams by Yolande, who is worried about not having heard from her friend for several days. She wants to take Mirta to the Mistral bar so that she can tell her everything that is happening to her, but she declines the invitation. She must find Father Luc for the collection of clothes.

Caught up in his bad conscience, the young man does everything not to find himself alone with Mirta. He is very distant with the sexagenarian. Affected by his change in attitude, she refuses a boat trip offered to her by Bastien and Luna.

Romain and Vanessa spin the perfect love

Vanessa and Romain meet at the Marci. This is an opportunity for the handsome doctor Vidal to learn a little more about the young woman. Vanessa works in human resources and has placed herself on leave. The two young lovebirds plan to meet the same evening for a romantic dinner at his place. In order to have the apartment all to himself, Romain makes sure that his two roommates can spend the night elsewhere.

Sylvia knows full well that Romain is not good at cooking. She decides on a whim to help him and leaves Barbara in the plan to go and prepare a small romantic dinner for the young man and his lover.

When Vanessa arrives, Sylvia slips away to leave the two lovebirds alone. But, when they finally think they are alone, Emilie and Etienne arrive at the roommate. The young man’s roommates forgot to tell him that they were organizing a gaming evening with all their friends.

Émilie and Etienne have therefore decided to spend a quiet evening at the roommate, to Romain’s great displeasure. Sylvia, for her part, has turned back and joins the dinner.

After the meal, Sylvia, Emilie and Etienne slip away to leave Romain and Vanessa alone. The latter then explains to Vidal that she had a great evening, but that she prefers to go home. Romain offers to accompany her. But the two lovers cannot leave each other and spend the night at the hotel.