More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Monday August 1, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Kevin is in doubt. For their part, Boher and Patrick never leave each other, while Vidal is desperately looking for a match.

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of monday august 1, 2022 [spoilers] - news...

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Kevin is in doubt

Kevin observes Camille in the middle of a nightmare. When she wakes up with a start, he pushes her to try to remember her dream. But the young girl pretends not to remember and takes refuge in his arms.

For her part, Emma picks up Mathis from Thomas in order to take him to the summer camp. Thomas takes the opportunity to hear from her, but she refuses to stay to discuss. It is only later, at the Marci, that Emma ends up confiding in the waiter. She admits to feeling sad at the death of her mother, and especially at the end of her marriage to Baptiste. She admits that she didn’t listen to him enough when he warned her about Camille. Thomas is convinced that they will be able to recover from this ordeal. But Emma is aware that Baptiste has moved on and is now in love with Justine.

Indeed, Baptiste goes to Justine’s with all his belongings. She asks him to think carefully about the commitment that this represents. Baptiste enters, claiming that he wants to be with her.

Meanwhile, Kevin arrives at the police station to question Ariane about the confrontation that took place between Jacob and Camille. But his colleague refuses to talk to him about it because Camille is his girlfriend. Kevin admits to having doubts about her. He asks to see the video of the confrontation. During the viewing, the young man notices the way Camille and Jacob communicate through gestures…

Jean-Paul flirts with Prune

While he is off, Jean-Paul is bored, alone at home with Aurore. He calls Léa and gets his answering machine. He then contacts his daughter Lucie, in summer camp, who is too busy to answer him. He then joins Patrick, who works at the police station and proposes to come and have lunch with him and the babies.

Patrick and Jean-Paul begin to dream of the possibility that Prune is a real casting director and that their babies can film with Jennifer Mitchum. At the same time, Prune calls Patrick: she needs to redo the shoots with the babies because she has lost all the photos from their last shoot. Jean-Paul insists on going instead.

After the session, Jean-Paul talks with Prune. Upon learning that she is single, he flirts with her. Back at the police station, Jean-Paul listens, with Patrick, to a call between Prune and Jennifer Mitchum. On returning home, they watch a film of the actress and recognize her voice. They then begin to believe that Prune has been telling them the truth all along.

Romain sees Vanessa again

While Romain decides to bring Vanessa’s shoe back to the Latino bar in case she asks for it, Sylvia conducts her little investigation. She finds the store where the shoe was sold. The saleswoman reveals to him that an elderly man bought the pair in cash.

For his part, Romain talks with the bartender of the Latino bar. The latter assures that Vanessa did not come to claim her shoe. He adds that she is more the type to disappear for a few days, then to come back and chain the evenings, without ever leaving with anyone.

As soon as Romain returns to the roommate, Sylvia informs him of her initiative. But the doctor insists on making her understand that he doesn’t need her to interfere in his love life and refuses to know what she has discovered.

He returns to the Latin bar, where he is approached by Vanessa. While they are talking, she receives a call and leaves immediately.

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