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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… As Emma sinks, the fires approach and Mirta makes a heartbreaking choice. For her part, Lola is now serene, unlike Kilian.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

The fires are approaching Marseille

Vanessa knocks her father out with the butt of her rifle, then points him in the direction of Romain, forcing him to reattach himself…

The next day, Revel put pressure on his teams to get results because the fires got worse hour by hour and came dangerously close to Marseille. Patrick begins to doubt Jourdan’s guilt, whom he suspects of simply wanting to play with the police. As for Justine, she is now fired from her sect. So they find themselves back at square one.

Meanwhile, Emma observes Baptiste, Justine and Mathis playing together in a park like a blended family. They decide to return when the state of emergency is declared due to a new outbreak of fire.

In the evening, the light begins to dim due to the smoke. Laetitia is worried about the departures of several Zéphyr customers who fear being stuck by the fires, while Luna puts things into perspective. However, as a precaution, Barbara decides to close the Marci terrace.

Emma repatriates inside the restaurant and confides in Barbara about what she saw in the afternoon. She recognizes that seeing Baptiste with Justine and Mathis made her suffer. Sylvia interrupts him to tell him about Vanessa and Romain’s wedding. Insistent, the waitress shows her several selfies of the couple. One of the photos particularly caught Emma’s attention…

Lola is appeased

Faced with the anger of Gabriel and Thomas, Lola assumes her choice to go hiking alone and has no regrets. Kilian, meanwhile, still feels so guilty for having covered up for his sister when she was in danger.

The twins spend some time together at the Mistral bar. Lola tells her brother that she feels more peaceful compared to the story with Betty and Noé. Through her hike, she found the strength to forgive them. But Kilian, despite the help of his shrink, still hasn’t moved on.

When Lola returns home, she accepts Thomas’s forced outing deprivation as punishment for lying to her. The teenager even asks to receive Kilian’s punishment because it was she who forced him to lie. She also promises to do everything to regain the trust of her guardians.

Eventually, Thomas agrees to Lola spending some time with Sunalee in the evening. The two young girls share their summer experiences. As her friend falls asleep, Lola watches through her balcony window. She sees Chaussette crossing the Place du Mistral…

Mirta separates from Father Luc

Father Luc visits Mirta in her bedroom. She admits to being afraid of not being cured of her cancer and worries about the future of her lover if he decides to stay with her. They are then interrupted by a call from the hospital: a former sacristan, about to die, expressly requests the presence of the priest.

Mirta accompanies Father Luc on the spot. Gabriel tells them that José doesn’t have much time left. Father Luc then gives the keys to the church to Mirta so that she can go and get something to do the last rites.

A little later, Father Luc goes to see José. The latter is relieved to see him and gives him his blessing regarding his relationship with Mirta.

Father Luc then finds his companion in the hallway. Mirta declares that it is imperative that he pursue his vocation and continue to do good around him, which implies that they separate.

After which, Mirta returns to consult Gabriel. She admits to having lied to him about the biopsy a month ago. The doctor takes care of her quickly and guarantees her an intervention in the next few days.