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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While the Mistralians have to face the escapees, Kilian offers the most beautiful gift to Roland. Noah and Betty are posted in high school.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Céline still under the influence of Livia

At the police station, Livia is questioned by Revel and Jean-Paul. They seek to obtain information on the other escapees. But Livia has no answer for them. However, he confirms Jean-Paul’s theory, according to which he manipulated Céline to reach Vincent, on whom he wanted revenge, because the latter had prevented him from killing Charlotte years earlier.

Meanwhile, Sabrina begs Nathan to drop his gun, admitting it’s hard to get over killing someone. Eventually, Stan takes his gun from her and leaves with it. Sabrina and Nathan fall into each other’s arms.

For her part, Agathe asks Léo to sell her shares in the Mistral bar to flee with her to Argentina, where she intends to find her son. They are interrupted by Claire, who has come to drop off Leo’s things. He tries to justify himself, saying that’s not what she thinks. But Claire believes on the contrary that he must make a choice between her and Agathe.

At the same time, Vincent accompanies Céline home. He doesn’t have much hope of getting back the money she transferred to an offshore account, but he’s happy they’re both alive. He then leaves Celine alone so that she can rest.

Locked up in a cell, Livia manipulates Céline from a distance. She puts on a sexy outfit and goes to Vincent. She breaks into his room, handcuffs him to his bed and prepares to kill him with a knife. Vincent realizes that she is under the influence and tries to bring her to her senses…

Kilian makes an effort for his father

Blanche learns that François will be present for the twins’ birthday organized by Roland. She herself is also invited but she does not think she can come because of the quarrel which persists between Noé and Kilian.

For his part, Roland invites Mirta to the party. Watching them both, Thomas thinks they might get back together.

Shortly after, Roland, Thomas and Kilian confer on the organization of the party and in particular on the list of guests. Kilian learns that Roland has invited Blanche and, consequently, Noé.

Kilian goes to see his former best friend to officially invite him to his birthday party for the sole purpose of pleasing his father. Noé accepts the invitation even though Kilian would have preferred him to refuse.

Kilian then talks about it with Roland, who suggests that he stop holding a grudge.

Noah and Betty plot against Laetitia

In high school, Noé and Betty try to put on a good face while all their classmates make fun of them because of the video that is circulating on the networks, where we see Laetitia putting them in their place.

At the end of the day, Laetitia confides in Kevin that her lesson went well, when she was rather expecting reprisals. She puts the incident into perspective and hopes to turn the page by renewing the dialogue with Betty and Noah.

She is far from suspecting that they are looking for a way to get her expelled from high school. Casually, they extract information from Blanche. This provides them with the name of a friend, Sophie, who works at the rectorate. Betty calls him pretending to be a parent of a student, pointing out Laetitia on the pretext that she is advocating Nazism and Marshal Pétain. Betty obtains confirmation that a National Education inspection will take place within 10 days.

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