More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Friday, September 23, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of friday, september 23, 2022 [spoilers] -...

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Luna and Bastien have no choice but to talk to the children. Are Kilian and Noah able to bury the hatchet? Kevin worries about his mother.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Leo finds Agatha

Little reassured by the presence of Pavel, Stan and Lorraine in the hotel, Luna and Bastien did shifts all night. However, they are aware that this situation cannot last forever. Luna asks her companion about the video that Pavel showed her. Bastien admits to having killed a man who paid for the services of minors. Contrary to what he told her, he was not cleared. Since the police had no evidence, he bribed them to get away with it. But with the video, he would actually risk going to prison. However, Bastien is ready to pay the price to protect his family. However, this is out of the question for Luna. She prefers to stay with him and keep the children away by sending Sunalee to Lola and Pablo and Akira to their grandmother.

In the morning, Bastien and Luna confess to the children that the guests in room 18 are among the escapees from Les Baumettes. They forbid them to speak to them and advise them to lock themselves up when they are in their room. When they offer to take them away from the Zephyr, Pablo and Akira refuse, preferring to stay to stick together.

Meanwhile, Leo gets information about Agathe. A report was given in a pavilion in an industrial zone. The address is that of a squat. Leo does not hesitate for a second to go there. Ariane is responsible for accompanying him. On the spot, Agathe flees, but Leo runs after her and ends up catching up with her. He seeks to understand how she fell back into prostitution. Agathe replies that it’s a complicated story, that no one knows, not even her son Maxime, who stayed in Argentina. She promises Leo that killing her pimp was self-defense. She begs him not to put her back behind bars, to pretend that he hasn’t managed to catch up with her. But Leo handcuffs him and proceeds to arrest him.

For his part, Stan leaves the room of the Zéphyr which he shares with Pavel and Lorraine. In his absence, they sleep together. By car, Stan follows Sabrina who is on a bicycle. When she stops and he realizes she has an appointment with Nathan, Stan rushes at him with his car…

Laetitia plunges into an infernal spiral

Laetitia is getting ready for class, admitting to Kevin that she still has to get her bearings a bit. His son shows him his admiration and respect for his change of profession. Certain to have her students in her pocket, Laetitia now sets out to seduce her colleagues by bringing them a tarte tatin. She is far from suspecting that Emilie, Nathan and Blanche saw the video of her last lesson, where she claims that Pétain founded the Popular Front.

During her lesson on the Terror, Laetitia takes several remarks from students, Noé and Betty in mind. These bring everything back to Marshal Pétain. At the end of the lesson, Laetitia goes to Rochat’s office, who has also seen the video. He informs the professor, who does not remember having said such things, unless she panicked because of the stress.

Kevin, who also saw the video, picks up his mother from high school. She died of shame. Kevin tries to reassure her. Finally, Laetitia makes a promise not to let herself be defeated.

Roland discovers the violence of Kilian

While accompanying Lola to high school, Roland takes the opportunity to ask her questions about the tensions he has noticed between Kilian and Noé. Lola tells him what happened between them and Betty. If she managed to turn the page during her summer vacation, Kilian still has it in her throat. Roland finds the situation unfortunate and hopes that the two boys will eventually forgive each other.

He decides to play matchmaker by inviting Noé to the Mistral bar. As soon as he sees him, Kilian climbs into the towers and insists that he clear the floor. Roland tries to play the role of mediator, in vain. Noé returns home, while Kilian lets his anger explode.

A little later, Roland joins Kilian in the kitchen to apologize for getting involved in these stories. Kilian admits that he doesn’t need his father because he sees a shrink who helps him not to freak out.

Worried, Roland confides in Blanche to understand why Noé and Kilian are irreconcilable. He then learns that Kilian hit Betty…

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