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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While the fate of the Marci family is being played out, Kevin does not have the words to speak to Alexandra. Laetitia makes a strong life choice.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Roland bequeaths his bar to Frémont

The Marcis wake up hungover, delighted with the evening they spent together. Lola shows her brothers the selfie they took hours before Roland died, which she had framed. Kilian hangs up the frame at the Mistral bar. Life then resumes its course: François has an important appointment, Thomas returns to work at Marci and Lola spends some time with Sunalee before the latter goes to high school.

Kilian therefore finds himself alone in managing the Mistral bar. In the kitchen, while he is in tears, he receives a visit from Betty. She feels it’s her role to come and comfort him because he was there for her when things went wrong. At first reluctant, the young man lets himself be taken in his arms and completely cracks.

Later, François warns Thomas and Kilian that they have been contacted by an American lawyer who asks to see them in video to tell them about Roland. Before seeing him, Thomas makes them promise not to argue with each other under any circumstances.

During the date, the Marcis learn that Roland went to the United States to circumvent the French law which prohibits disinheriting his children. According to his will, the Mistral bar now belongs to Charles Frémont…

Meanwhile, Pavel breaks into Luna and Bastien’s room. He demands that his ex-girlfriend be at his disposal 24 hours a day. In this case, he requisitions her to clean his room. Bastien intervenes when Pavel is threatening, even violent towards Luna. After Pavel leaves, Luna promises Bastien that he doesn’t have to worry and that she will just clean up as he asked. Alone, Bastien decides to call the police to report Pavel…

Laetitia breaks up with Valentin

While Laetitia is stressing about going back to Scotto, Valentin tells her about his new project. He intends to settle permanently in Dubai and wants her to come with him. As soon as he has assembled his box, he will no longer need to be constantly on site. To them travels around the world…

Arriving at high school, Laetitia meets Nisma who admits to being delighted with her return. Confident, Laetitia therefore resumes her place as a teacher. At the end of class, she learns that Sunalee is struggling with note taking. So she gives him a private lesson to help him. Sunalee thanks her.

Laetitia then finds Valentin for lunch. She tells him that she prefers to stay at the Mistral. She loves her new job which gives her the feeling of being useful. She is grateful for what Valentin has given her, but she feels that her relationship with him is coming to an end.

Kevin rejects Alexandra

When Kevin arrives at the police station, Alexandra points out to him that he has been absent for two days. The young man says he had RTTs to ask. Alexandra offers him to go have a coffee to talk, but he refuses. He immediately volunteers when Ariane needs someone to put the archives in order.

After which, Alexandra realizes that Kevin left without telling her when they were supposed to go on a mission together. She leaves the police station and manages to catch up with him. She expresses regret that she didn’t tell him sooner that she was trans. She pushes him to tell her the bottom of his mind. Kevin gets angry, admitting that for him it changes everything in their relationship.

But despite their brutal separation, Kevin and Alexandra can’t stop thinking about each other…

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