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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Léo and Agathe are saved thanks to an unexpected ally. Frémont risks paying dearly for the price of his forfeiture. Can Kevin and Alexandra remain friends?

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Paul is dead

Luna insists on deleting the video that incriminates Bastien despite Agathe’s concern. Luna searches the rooms to Pavel’s room. She finds the password to her computer, which is none other than her first name, finds the video and deletes it.

Meanwhile, Leo is saved by Claire, who had followed him and who knocks out Pavel’s henchman by punching him in the back of the neck. They get back in the car together, soon joined by Luna and Agathe.

Mirta and Bastien are relieved to see Luna safe and sound. This affirms to his companion that the video has been erased and that they are now quiet. She then asks Leo to thank Agathe for her help. Mirta is very surprised to learn that Agathe is at the Mistral. Leo asks them to keep quiet.

Revel, meanwhile, wakes up completely naked in a park. He is arrested by the police. At the police station, he admits to Ariane and Jean-Paul that he doesn’t remember anything. He claims to have been drugged. But the police have no information to trace his route because the GPS coordinates of the prosecutor’s vehicle have been erased. Leo arrives at the police station to inform them of where Pavel is staying.

The police go to the scene, accompanied by Revel. Seeing the living room, he remembers certain episodes of the day before. When Ariane and Jean-Paul arrive in the main room, he discovers Pavel’s body, lifeless, in Lorraine’s arms. She claims to have killed him to protect him from himself…

The deception of Frémont is revealed

Kilian takes advantage of Frémont’s absence at the Mistral bar to go to Marci. François informs him that the American detective he has hired has a lead and that he has given them a video meeting a little later. Frémont is also invited.

The Marci clan meets at the Mistral bar for the video, forcing Frémont to participate. The alleged American lawyer from Frémont admits that he is only an actor hired to create this false will story. Faced with a fait accompli, Frémont victimizes himself. When Kilian admits to being ready to warn the police, Frémont promises to redeem himself under any conditions. Kilian then asks him to replace him in the dining room and in the dishwasher, to completely clean the bar and to put his father’s photo back in its place.

Fremont fulfills all the conditions. Teenagers are having a blast. But Kilian notices that Frémont really puts his own into it. He is also ready to come back the next day. Kilian does not want to kill him with the task in view of his advanced age. Faced with the victim speech of Frémont, who complains of not being close to his grandson, Kilian is taken in and asks him to come back to help him at the bar the next day.

Alexandra confides in Kevin

At the police station, Ariane points out that Kevin is showing favoritism to Alexandra because he brought her a bubble tea. A little later, Alexandra hears about a pot at Marci for a former colleague. She is looking forward to participating. But Kevin explains to him that they are not invited. Alexandra challenges Jean-Paul and makes him believe that she intends to deal with the importance of team cohesion in a police brigade for her internship report. For this, she would therefore need to participate in the pot. Jean-Paul agrees.

However, once there, Alexandra is disappointed by the topics of conversation exchanged by her colleagues. Kevin replies that this is precisely the opportunity to get a job. Alexandra observes Patrick and Jean-Paul a little further. Convinced that they are talking about work, she approaches them. But their discussion drifts to Aurore and Raphaël. Alexandra admits not feeling very concerned.

She takes a little air and Kevin joins her. He noticed that she was not comfortable with the subject of children. Alexandre confirms this, admitting that this is what makes her hesitate to complete her transition. She could have children but it would be an obstacle course. Kevin is compassionate and supportive. Very touched that he sees her as a potential future mother, Alexandra thanks him. When Kevin kisses her, she puts it down to the alcohol they drank. Kevin apologizes. Alexandra adds that she prefers him to be sure of himself because she would not bear to be rejected a second time.