More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Friday July 29, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Patrick and Boher are torn between their investigation and their dreams of shooting with Hollywood stars. Mirta meets a priest who will turn her life upside down.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Emma pushes Kevin to open his eyes to Camille

Baptiste hears on the radio that Jacob has confessed to the murder of Alice Ruiz. Refusing to hear more about it, he turns off his set. Justine pushes him to confide in her. Baptiste recounts how Alice always blamed everything on Emma, ​​including Jacob’s kidnapping of her sister. Justine feels compassion for Emma and tries to make Baptiste understand that she certainly needs him. Shortly after, Baptiste and Justine are called to the barracks because of a fire that broke out near a housing estate.

Meanwhile, Camille visits Emma to ask her about their mother’s funeral. Emma corrects: there will be no burial, but a simple cremation. Camille still feels her sister’s hostility towards her and relies on Jacob’s confession to proclaim her innocence loud and clear. Except Emma still suspects Jacob and Camille of having something to do with Caesar’s disappearance.

At the same time, Baptiste and Justine evacuate the inhabitants of the subdivision. After which, Baptiste goes to Emma’s because he needs him to watch Mathis. Baptiste first offers to have him guarded by Gabriel so that he can accompany him to the cremation. Emma prefers to go alone.

While Baptiste takes Mathis to the barracks with him, Emma goes to her mother’s cremation with Kevin and Camille. The latter steps aside, admitting that she does not feel well. Emma scatters the ashes alone. Facing Kevin, she accuses Camille of pretending to cry. But the young man believes in the sincerity of his girlfriend.

In the evening, Kevin returns to see Emma. After reflection, he admits to having doubts about Camille, whose strange behavior he has noticed for some time. Emma pushes him to open his eyes and break up with her before it’s too late…

Jean-Paul and Patrick’s investigation is at a standstill

Jean-Paul and Patrick try to remember that Prune’s baby castings are a scam. But when they spot Jennifer Mitchum in the distance, flanked by two bodyguards, they take it seriously.

They go to Prune for the camera tests. Patrick has to take care of a grumpy Raphaël, so Prune starts with Jean-Paul and Aurore.

Back at the police station, Jean-Paul and Patrick must report to Revel. The latter finds that they do not have enough elements and puts pressure on them to move the investigation forward. The two police officers plan to buy time to gather evidence, in particular by wiretapping Prune. But they recognize that they are beginning to have doubts about his guilt.

Mirta meets a priest

Returning from her trip in the motorhome, Luna rushes to her mother’s room to tell her everything. But she comes up against the bad mood of the latter, who is concerned about her state of health.

A little later, Mirta leaves the Zephyr without discussing with Akira and Sunalee. Luna then suspects her mother of having a problem, but Bastien blames her behavior on fatigue.

Mirta walks around Marseille. Suffering from the heat, she takes refuge inside a church that is in her way. Approaching a confessional, she surprises a priest in tears. The latter confides that he doubts the existence of God and that he can no longer find the words to guide his parishioners. Mirta comforts him. The priest declares that his presence is a sign from God.

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