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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Emma is more and more lost, Kilian and Lola have to mourn their feelings. Patrick and Boher are ready to do anything to keep their babies.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

The Castels are trapped by the fires

After the love, Justine assumes that Baptiste is going to join his wife, who must probably be worried. But the latter does nothing, preferring to spend the night with her.

The next day, Baptiste returns home as if nothing had happened. He claims to have stayed on the beach with colleagues to decompress. Emma reproaches him for not having warned him, she who had been worried sick all night. On the radio, Baptiste hears that the situation is getting out of control for the firefighters who are still battling the flames. He is furious at not being able to make himself useful.

Later, Emma has a coffee on the Marci’s terrace, where she is joined by Camille. The latter tries to reassure her about Caesar. But Emma gets annoyed and feels that her sister doesn’t need to interfere in all aspects of her life, especially since she barely knew Caesar. Camille cannot help but think back to the death of the latter, of which she is the accomplice.

Meanwhile, the Castels search for a new place to go. Sunalee admits that she wants to go rafting in the Gorges du Verdon. Bastien is delighted because the road to get there will allow them to avoid fires.

However, as they move away from the highway, the Castels find themselves face to face with a forest fire. It is impossible for them to turn around because the fire surrounds them. Bastien doesn’t know what to do. Luna suggests going straight ahead…

Lola suffers from her breakup

Noah fixes Betty’s broken window, immediately suspecting Kilian of being the one who threw the stone the night before. He resents his former best friend for acting so childishly rather than talking to him directly. When he announces that he intends to do so, Betty gets worried and tries to keep him with her. Noah promises him not to be violent, just to be direct.

So Noé goes to the Mistral bar to dot the i’s with Kilian. He grabs him by the collar, looks him straight in the eyes and makes him understand that he has no interest in bothering the couple he forms with Betty. Kilian claims that he was the one who threw the stone out the window and that it did him a lot of good. He adds that it gave him a good reason not to envy them. Noah leaves the bar.

For her part, Lola continues to be depressed. Despite the help Thomas offers her, she says she needs to be alone to experience her sadness to the full. His half-brother expresses his concern to Gabriel. The latter relativizes, putting the state of Lola on the account of adolescence. However, Thomas suggests organizing a family vacation to get him away from Marseille, and therefore from Noah.

Coming home from his day at work, Kilian finds his sister on the couch. He admits to having deleted the photos of Betty that he had in his laptop to make him understand that it is possible to move forward. But Lola isn’t ready to move on.

Patrick and Jean-Paul trick to get a nanny

Patrick and Jean-Paul arrive at the roommate with the babies, now counting on Émilie to look after them. But this one has to give yoga classes. They therefore propose to Sylvia to play the nannies. But the young woman declines because she has to pass a job interview for a job as a waitress at Marci.

Distraught, Patrick and Jean-Paul hesitate to take the children with them to the police station. Suddenly, Jean-Paul has the idea of ​​having Émilie’s car removed by the pound so that it remains stuck at the roommate. Patrick provides him with the license plate and their plan works. Thus, Émilie is forced to babysit Rémi and Aurore all day. In exchange, Patrick promises to put a whole team on the spot to find his car.

Émilie quickly finds herself overwhelmed with the two children. As for Sylvia, she is not much help to him. Exhausted, Émilie decides to return Rémi and Aurore to Patrick and Jean-Paul by going directly to the police station. She warns them that this is the last time she agrees to babysit them at the same time.

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