More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Friday July 1, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Abdel discovers his father’s compromise, Sunalee continues the investigation on Natacha. Noah finds himself in a dilemma and Eric’s priorities are reversed.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Abdel confronts his father

Abdel confirms to Elisa that Marco got proof of Vincent’s guilt, even though he hasn’t seen the footage with his own eyes yet. Elisa thinks he should call the police and that his father should go to jail for ordering a murder.

Abdel joins Tim and Barbara to watch Marco’s footage. He immediately recognizes his father and forbids Tim from showing the video to anyone. He also informs Elisa of the setback, asking her to act normal with her father. Abdel finds Etienne, a friend of his father, to find out if the latter has taken over the business. Under threat, Etienne admits that Karim has been working for Vincent Marceau for about six months.

For his part, Tim is finishing the editing of his documentary incriminating Vincent Marceau. He’s ready to release it right away, but Barbara convinces him to wait for Abdel’s green light.

He finally confronts his father, who admits to having relapsed. He explains that he just wanted to intimidate Barbara and that he thought Vincent would eventually drop the case. He swears he would never have hurt his son, but Abdel is too disappointed by his betrayal. He hesitates to report him to the police…

Eric is on cloud nine

After spending two days in the countryside with Simon, Eric returns to town. Before leaving, he finally declares his feelings to his lover. At the police station, Ariane notices that her colleague is completely hovering, to the point of forgetting his weapon as they go into hiding. Eric entrusts her with his happiness.

During the hideout, while Ariane leaves to buy food, Eric gets distracted by the messages he receives from Simon. Thus, he does not pay attention to the customer who enters, then leaves the flea market. When Ariane sets off in pursuit, Eric arrives as reinforcements, but it is too late. The suspect fled.

Back at the police station, Eric is told off by Jean-Paul, who threatens him with a layoff. But Eric admits to Ariane that he doesn’t really care.

Betty asks Noah to be her date

Bastien continues to worry about Sunalee’s aggressive and withdrawn behavior. Luna always assumes there’s a boy behind it all. She suggests to her companion to remain vigilant and attentive.

Meanwhile, Sunalee confesses to Dimitri that she kept Natacha’s phone. In the contacts, she noticed those of Rudy and Nathan. Dimitri admires Sunalee’s courage. Ready to kiss her, the young man is delighted and ends up leaving, declaring that they should not see each other again.

For her part, Lola shows Noah the dress she planned to wear for the ball. The latter finds her lovely and mentions that she will probably be hit on by lots of boys without that making him jealous. However, Lola confides that she only wants to please him.

At the Mistral bar, Lola thanks Noé for supporting her in organizing the ball, when it hasn’t always been easy. The boy ends up finding an excuse to leave. Lola therefore finds herself with her brother, who still intends to give up going to the ball.

Noé finds Betty at home. She has finally decided to go to the ball and asks him to be her date, which he accepts.

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