More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Friday August 5, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News…

In the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”… The trap closes on Camille while Mirta is inhabited by a strange feeling. Vidal, for his part, is looking for the unknown.

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of friday august 5, 2022 [spoilers] - news...

The noose is tightening around Camille

Early in the morning, Kevin receives a call from Emma. He makes Camille believe that it comes from Ariane, who wants to see him to talk about Jacob. The young woman tries to question him but he says nothing and takes refuge behind the secrecy of the investigation. What she doesn’t know is that this call is part of the strategy Emma and Kevin have in place to trap Camille.

Later, Camille, nervous, visits Emma who makes her believe that Jacob confessed and that he confessed to killing Caesar. She then asks her sister if she knows why the killer attacked Caesar. Camille continues to deny her involvement and Emma makes her believe that she has no doubts about her innocence. Mathis’ mother then claims that the police continue to interrogate Jacob to find out where he buried her body.

Emma and Kevin then shadow Camille. They follow her to a quarry where Camille digs up a wallet which she burns in a barrel. Emma filmed the whole scene. After she leaves, the two friends go to see what the young woman has thrown into the fire. They then discover Caesar’s identity card.

Olivier Jourdan in police custody

Baptiste and Justine show the police the video they took the day before at Olivier Jourdan’s villa. But contrary to what they had hoped for, they have their suspenders pulled up by Commander Nebout and the colonel of the fire brigade for having illegally entered the criminal’s home. Another initiative of this kind and they lose their uniform.

Commander Nebout and his colleagues arrive at the guru’s house and search his home. Olivier Jourdan disputes the accusations against him and continues to provoke Patrick, who loses his temper. While searching the villa, the police find abalone shells. The commander places Jourdan in custody.

Mirta discovers the face of Father Luc

During the night, Mirta fantasized about Father Luc whom she had never seen. She is awakened from her restless night by Yolande who continues to question her to find out more about the mystery man. She then asks her friend to leave her alone. Before leaving the room, Yolande advises him to declare his love, because nothing beats love. This sentence leaves Mirta pensive.

A few hours later, Mirta returns to the Church in the hope of seeing Father Luc in person. She comes across a priest whom she thinks is the one to whom she confided her most intimate secrets. But she realizes very quickly that she is talking to the wrong person. Father Grégoire points out the one she is looking for. She then follows Father Luc to the terrace of a restaurant.

Seated not far from him, she is unable to take her eyes off him. Father Luc is young, but also very attractive. He introduces himself to Mirta but she is too confused to answer him and hastily leaves the restaurant.

Mirta then finds Yolande but her head is elsewhere. Luna’s mother confides to her that finally, she no longer has any attraction for the unknown.

Sylvia plays matchmaker

At the roommate, Romain continues to pretend that he is no longer interested in the stranger he met a few days earlier. It’s without counting on Sylvia who came across a photo of Romain and Vanessa taken at the Latino bar on Instagram. The latter liked one of the photos, which allowed Sylvia to discover her name.

After some research on the internet, she found Vanessa’s address. Romain cannot resist and immediately asks Sylvia for her contact details. Dr. Vidal goes to Vanessa’s. Boosted by Sylvia, he takes his courage in both hands and rings the intercom. But it is a man who answers him.

Vanessa, for her part, also did some research on Romain and found the address of his firm on the internet. She settles down on the terrace of the Marci in the hope of meeting him. Sylvia recognizes her immediately and plays the cupid. She calls Romain and makes him believe that a client is fainting.

Dr. Vidal goes to the Marci where he meets Vanessa. He understands very quickly that Sylvia lied to him. He sits down at his table anyway, but is interrupted by a patient with whom he had an appointment. Before he leaves, Vanessa leaves him her phone number.

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