More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Friday August 26, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News…

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of friday august 26, 2022 [spoilers] - news...

In the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”… Kilian does everything he can to cover up his sister’s lie while Luc wonders if he will resist Mirta’s temptation. As for Justine, would she be playing a double game?

Eric loses his footing

Eric threatens Simon’s neighbor with his gun but Roger Mallard continues to claim his innocence. He confesses to having diverted water from the canal, but he is not an assassin. He respects Simon because he knows his family well.

If Simon doesn’t wake up, he’ll never recover. Éric does not believe him and does not allow himself to be softened. Roger then challenges the former policeman to shoot. Eric ends up lowering the gun and leaves Mallard’s property without saying a word.

The next day, Eric goes to Simon’s bedside and tells him that he is losing his footing. He becomes violent again and nearly kills the neighbor. At the same time, Simon opens his eyes for 2 seconds. Eric then leaves to look for a nurse.

She explains to him that it is not possible that the young man woke up, the monitoring would have warned them. She also explains to Eric that after an emotional shock, the lack of rest leads to hallucinations.

According to her, the former policeman would have fallen asleep without knowing it, for 1 or 2 seconds and would have dreamed that Simon opened his eyes. The nurse advises her to go and rest. She also reassures him by telling him that he would be the first to know if Simon were to wake up.

Back at the farm, Eric decides to get rid of the crow, convinced that he has brought them bad luck, but he has strangely disappeared.

Mirta and Father Luc succumb to temptation

Mirta confesses to Father Luc. She tries to fight her feelings, but to no avail. She confesses to him that she thinks of him all the time. But Father Luc believes that they have no choice but to continue to fight.

Mirta cooks at the Presbytery. Father Luc cuts his finger trying to help him. He’s barely bleeding, but Mirta hastens to look. She kisses him and the young man does not push her away. However, he quickly comes to his senses and hammers at his friend that she can’t do that.

Mirta points out to him that she is not the only one responsible. Father Luc sees only one solution to solve their problem, and that is that they no longer see each other. He asks Mirta to leave immediately.

Back at the Zéphyr, Bastien and Luna rented a boat until the end of the month. They have planned to go on a sea trip with the family and are waiting for the teenagers. As the two lovebirds kiss in the hotel lobby, Mirta sees them and reminisces about her kiss with Father Luc. Luna notices her mother’s disturbed look and offers to stay with her. But she refuses and encourages them to take advantage of the good weather.

Once alone in her room, Mirta feels her breast lump. She is begging God to help her when she receives a visit from Father Luc. She is surprised because she did not expect to see him. Mirta lets him in. The young man tells her that he can’t stop thinking about the kiss and that he’s ashamed of having been so hard on her.

Mirta confesses to him that she is happy that he is there. She was so afraid of never seeing him again. Luc admits to her that not seeing her anymore is beyond her strength. They kiss again and share an intimate moment despite the ban.

Some time later, while Father Luc is getting dressed, he sees the crucifix above Mirta’s bed. He then leaves the hotel room.

Justine close to Olivier Jourdan

Several outbreaks of fire have taken place in recent days. Baptiste suspects the arsonist of starting fires everywhere in order to cover his tracks. The young man then surprises Justine sending a mysterious message. The young woman tells him that she was texting a certain Julie.

At the Mistral, Emma asks Barbara if she can keep Mathis, because she wants to investigate Justine. She suspects her of hiding something and deceiving Baptiste. Barbara warns her because this investigation could turn against her.

But Emma doesn’t want to let go and takes the risk. The young woman then follows Justine to a villa. Olivier Jourdan, the sect’s guru, hugs Baptiste’s girlfriend. Emma captures the scene with her phone camera.

Lola goes into a spin

Kilian failed to dissuade Thomas and Gabriel from going to the shelter. He leaves a message on Lola’s answering machine to let her know. The young man sees no other solution than to tell the truth to Thomas and Gabriel but, before he can reveal his sister’s secret, Riva is shocked to discover that someone has punctured the 4 tires of his car. car.

A few hours later, Kilian bumps into Sunalee at the Mistral bar. She confesses to him then that she had understood that he was covering Lola and that it was she who punctured the tires. The young man thanks her and confides to her that Lola made Thomas and Gabriel believe that she was going to work in a shelter, when in reality she embarked on a solo hike.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Lola trips and hurts herself. As she begins to cry, Betty appears and provokes the young girl. Although she knows full well that she is the victim of a hallucination, Lola is affected by Betty’s criticism of her appearance and her romantic relationship with Noah.

Later, the teenager has a new hallucination. This time, she sees Betty with Noah. Lola goes into a spin and continues to receive visits from Betty. She imagines killing the young woman.

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