More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Friday April 22, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While the investigation into the killer of young cops finally seems to be moving forward, Riva begins to crack. For their part, the teenagers celebrate the end of the holidays at Noah’s…

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of friday april 22, 2022 [spoilers] -...

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Jacob admits to Camille being the author of the murders

Without knowing that Camille has entered his home, Kévin receives a call from Ariane, who informs him that Lucas has been found dead in a vault. According to her, it is indeed a copycat of Jacob. Kevin absolutely wants to go there because he identifies with the profile of the victim but the Lieutenant orders him to go home. Kévin decides instead to go see Émilie at the roommate. As she was about to go for a jog, the latter immediately noticed that he was not well. She invites him to come in, then to confide.

Meanwhile, Mathieu and Ariane find no trace of the killer at the crime scene. They find that Lucas died of dehydration about ten days ago and was wearing his uniform. At the police station, Jean-Paul takes stock with Revel, saying that it is the same modus operandi as that of Jacob, with the difference that the two victims are peacekeepers. At the end of the day, Mathieu worries about Ariane. She admits that the case affects her personally. She offers him to forget his bad memories over a drink, but he considers that it is not reasonable.

Meanwhile, Camille confronts Jacob about the second murder. His former captor ends up admitting that he is the author. He has started killing again to calm his nerves because he is very upset to see that Camille is still in love with Kevin. He threatens to attack him…

Gabriel’s internship is coming to an end

In a hospital corridor, Gabriel meets the patient he had cleaned and understands that the latter is trying to flee for fear of having hip surgery. Gabriel takes the time to reassure her, promising to invite her to eat sorbets at the place where he used to go. Cédric is impressed by his intern. But he is disappointed when the latter declines his invitation to lunch on the pretext that he is busy.

He realizes later that Gabriel went to buy an ice cream to welcome his patient with when leaving the block. Shortly after, Céline receives Gabriel’s internship report, written by Cédric, who is full of praise for him.

Gabriel is very touched by the compliments of his trainer, learning that the latter even defended him on the discussion group of the stretcher bearers of Marseille. Since then, he has received a lot of criticism. Gabriel takes a look at it and notices that “Pirate 13” made a spelling mistake on the word “nephrectomy” – exactly the same mistake as on Madame d’Anjoy’s operating protocol.

Sunalee packs Dimitri

Bastien is delighted to see Luna getting along with her children again. At least, with Pablo and Sunalee. Luna takes them to brunch, then helps them choose their outfit for their evening. Since Charlotte is gone, Bastien and Luna hope to finally find time for themselves.

At Noah’s party, Dimitri approaches Sunalee stating that he is not ready to let go of the matter with her. But the young girl pushes him away. Later, Dimitri and Betty decide to liven up the evening by challenging each other: they mutually designate someone to kiss. Betty challenges Dimitri to kiss Kilian, while Dimitri challenges Betty to kiss Pablo. As she flirts with him while dancing with him, Pablo feigns an epileptic fit. When Betty realizes this, she is impressed. Pablo, meanwhile, is starting to become popular.

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