More beautiful life: “I was sad and disappointed”… Anne Decis (Luna) reacts to the stoppage of…

Recently at the heart of the “Retrouvailles” bonus on France 3, Anne Décis, the interpreter of Luna, confided in our microphone about the upcoming stop of “Plus belle la vie”. An end that she finds unfortunate but which pushes her to take advantage of the present moment.

All good things come to an end. After 18 years of good and loyal service, More beautiful life will say goodbye to viewers on November 18 on France 3 and will give way, from January, to a new sports program.

At the heart this week of the penultimate bonus of the series, “Retrouvailles”, which allowed him to give the reply to Ambrose Michaelaka Rudy, Anne Decisthe interpreter of Luna, gave us an interview and confided in our microphone on the scheduled shutdown of Plus belle la vie.

“I was sad and disappointed when I heard the news”admits the actress who has been one of the emblematic figures of Plus belle la vie since the first season. “But I wasn’t angry because I always considered that Plus belle la vie was something temporary that lasts. So I worked on other projects: I have a jewelry brand, I do theater “.

“However, I find this judgment a shame because the public is still very attached to the series and they show it to us. However, I have taken note of this decision which does not belong to me, I respect it and life goes on”.

After all these years, the hardest part is obviously for the actors to say goodbye to their various playing partners and to all the teams who have, for so long, participated in the success of the France 3 soap opera.

More beautiful life: "i was sad and disappointed"... Anne decis (luna) reacts to the stoppage of...

“We are especially sad to leave each other because there is a know-how that has been acquired in 18 years”continues Anne Decis. “We have incredible premises, extraordinary sets and it’s a real family. Besides, it’s the reputation we have. When new actors arrive on the set, they are very quickly integrated and no longer want to leave. There is an atmosphere that is very special on the set. People always find it a bit off-putting to say that we are a family, but everyone who sets foot on the set realizes that very quickly.”.

While the actors are currently filming the last arches of Plus belle la vie and that the ultimate bonus, which will close the adventure in November, will be boxed at the end of the summer, Anne Décis assures us: the important thing is to take advantage of the present moment and these last weeks at the Mistral.

“We all want to enjoy every moment together. What is difficult at the moment is that we are starting to say goodbye to certain people because the actors are finishing their filming sessions. I don’t want to emotionally anticipate the end of Plus belle la vie, even if I’m preparing for it. I want to enjoy every moment”.

And, who says big family obviously says reunion in the more or less short term. “We all want to create new projects to find each other”. But while waiting to learn more about these hypothetical projects which could bring together several actors from the series, fans can expect many returns to Plus belle la vie in the weeks and months to come.

Anne Décis already has an idea of ​​the actors – and the characters – that she would like to find on screen before the end of the series: “There are so many…I loved working with Virgil Bayle who played the role of Guillaume, and with Avy Marciano who camped Sacha. I also really wanted to see Ambroise again, so I’m very happy. There are also a lot of characters that I liked, but with whom I did not necessarily play”.

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