More beautiful life: fans angry after Samia's death

Jean-Paul Boher has finally discovered the truth about the fate of Samia (Fabienne Carat) in “Plus belle la vie”. And fans of the daily France 3 soap opera did not fail to express their anger on social networks.

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On January 8, Fabienne Carat made her very last appearance in Plus belle la vie after more than 15 years of loyal service. Despite the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Samia, everything led to believe that the writers had decided to leave the future of the character in suspense, in order to offer the opportunity to the actress to perhaps resume her role one day.

But fans of the daily soap opera of France 3 were treated to a very bad surprise this week since the episode broadcast last night has finally lifted the veil on the fate reserved for Samia. Party in Algeria with Abdel, Jean-Paul (Stéphane Henon) ended up finding the carcass of the car in which his ex-wife and Malik, his brother, were seen for the last time.

A horrible discovery which already leaves little doubt as to the fate of the two characters and which will be followed, this evening, by the long awaited revelation: Samia and Malik are dead. They were killed in a car accident certainly sponsored by Barrault. And the least we can say is that fans of Plus belle la vie have a hard time accepting the fate of the character of Fabienne Carat, who was one of the emblematic figures of the series.

On social media, messages from angry viewers quickly flourished last night, following the broadcast of today’s episode. “Samia died in PBLV. I hate”, “I will not change my mind but Samia clearly did not deserve an end like that! A small funeral and that’s it NEXT ?! Big lack of respect for Samia and for her interpreter Fabienne Carat”, or “But what a shitty plot, it lasts for months, we get salivated with Malik so that in the end it ends in ‘they had a car accident, I …’. Fan dissatisfaction appears to be general.

A surprising conclusion for Samia, which also echoes her last scenes in the series, which had seemed dispatched and had surprised the faithful of Plus belle la vie as much as Fabienne Carat herself, who had expressed herself there. a few weeks on this “failed” end.

“I admit to completely agreeing with the public in the sense that it is a little strange start”, confided the actress to Télé Loisirs. “Even I as an interpreter, I was destabilized. One has the impression that they were taken aback when I had warned of my departure beforehand. (…) I did not know this that was going on when I was playing, which was very disturbing. I had to trust them but I was a little bit hungry. “.

In short, there is no doubt that Samia and Fabienne Carat deserved better than this death which occurred off-screen. Because even if it meant killing Samia, a death shown on the screen, in the arms of Jean-Paul, his great love, would certainly have been more moving, although just as overwhelming for the fans.

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