More beautiful life: Fanny discovers the identity of her father’s killer [SPOILERS]

After several months of suspense, the summer saga of “Plus belle la vie” comes to an end in the next episodes. On this occasion Fanny will finally lift the veil on the secrets of her past …

More beautiful life: fanny discovers the identity of her father's killer [spoilers]

The summer saga of Plus belle la vie, which began on June 30, will soon come to an end. And if many revelations have been made over the past two months, one question still remains unanswered: who killed Fanny’s father (Prudence Leroy)? It is in the episode broadcast this Thursday, August 26 that the young woman will manage to lift the veil on this mystery.

Back for a few days on the island with the other survivors, Fanny finally manages to get her hands on the much sought-after crown. A discovery that will allow the young woman to have a new flashback and to relive the moment when her father was killed.

Now alone in the forest after having separated from her adventure companions, she feels a presence which observes her and which is none other than the murderer of her father: Christophe, her stepfather …

It is in the following episode, offered on Friday August 27 that we learn more about the circumstances of the murder. Christophe claims to have acted out of love for Carmen (Aurélie Konaté), whom he saw unhappy, Jean-Jacques never being present for his family.

If he killed him, it was to take his place and thus offer Carmen and Fanny the opportunity to discover what happiness really is. After an altercation between him and the waitress, Christophe, unconscious, is brought back to Marseille where he is arrested by the police.

This major revelation will of course have consequences for Fanny, who feels guilty about having forgotten that her father was murdered in front of her eyes. Will she get over it? Answer next week in the unpublished episodes of Plus belle la vie.

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