More beautiful life: Caesar’s death soon to be revealed according to the producer of the series – News…

As the end of “Plus belle la vie” begins to approach, Allociné met the producer of the France 3 series on the occasion of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival to find out more about what awaits you in the next episodes.

More beautiful life: caesar's death soon to be revealed according to the producer of the series - news...
Julien Adam and Alexia Andreollo

The countdown is on… In less than 6 months, More beautiful life will bow out after more than 18 years on the air. But if the end is approaching dangerously, there is still a lot to do for the writers of the France 3 soap opera, who have the heavy task of offering fans of the first hour a finale that meets their expectations.

While the next prime, which will see the return of emblematic characters from Plus belle la vie, is scheduled for July 5 on France 3, Claire de la Rochefoucauldproducer of the series, returned during the Monte Carlo Television Festival to what awaits us before the dreaded final episode on November 18.

Allociné: You arrived on Plus belle la vie as a producer just two months ago. Did you already know when you arrived that the series was going to end?

Claire de la Rochefoucauld : Yes of course, I knew it. I think that’s why the production offered me to take over the production. I have been directing on Plus belle la vie since 2008, so I know the members of the team very well.

I know every painter, every prop man, I know the actors but also the different arches. This is a series that has been with me for a long time. So I think it was important that the crew and the actors have someone who loves them and knows them to bring the show to an end.

What was your state of mind when you arrived? Did you want to boost certain things? To complete certain intrigues?

We all want to finish well. Whether it’s the actors, the technicians or the authors, we want to finish in apotheosis. There is a real attachment for all the people who have worked on this series for a long time.

And we are absolutely not in the depression. We especially want to enjoy the last moments we have left. On the writing side, we want to offer all the actors, and their character, the opportunity to say goodbye to their audience. The idea is also to pay tribute and give a gift to loyal viewers who have been following us for a very long time.

A gift that will go through two premiums?

Yes. There’s a first primer, titled “Homecoming,” which just wrapped and will air on July 5th. It will hold many surprises for viewers and will be the scene of the return of Dounia Coesens, Aurelie Vaneck, Ambrose Michael and Inca Hill who are the original young people of Plus belle la vie and who have matured a lot since their departure.

More beautiful life: caesar's death soon to be revealed according to the producer of the series - news...

It will be interesting to see what they have become. It was also very nice to find them on the set. There’s also a second bounty planned which is still in the works and will air on November 18th. It will therefore be the last images of Plus belle la vie which will be broadcast on France 3. We will shoot it between the end of August and the beginning of September.

To come back to the intrigues to be completed before the end of the series, there is the one around Jacob which is not quite over yet since he continues to protect Camille and no one is aware of Caesar’s death. . Will this plot be developed again in the next episodes?

I’m not going to spoiler but I can tell you that we are going to get to the end of this arch. It happens and you will have answers within 4-5 weeks.

We imagine that when the inhabitants of the Mistral will discover his death, it will have the effect of a bomb…

I am delighted with this arch and I was very happy with the work done by the actor who plays Jacob (Christophe Morilloneditor’s note). I found him really amazing in this role. I was even sometimes a little afraid of him when I met him in the corridors, when the actor is a love (laughter). He took this multi-faceted character so seriously. We loved it.

And it’s the same for the actress who plays Camille, Lisa Ciprianiwho in addition to being a good actress is very similar to Pauline (Bression, who plays Emma, ​​editor’s note). We were incredibly lucky on this point. Their resemblance played a big part in the fact that people adhere to this plot.

With the plot around Jacob, did you want to use the same principle as with the Enchanter? You are one of the few soap operas to have such long plots that last for months, sometimes even years…

In this case, the character of Jacob was present on several arches, that is to say that it was not an endless arch, but rather departures and returns of characters. But in general, the psychological intrigues are the DNA of Plus belle la vie. There was Doctor Livia, the Enchanter…

I think our audience is attached to this trademark. And until the end of the series, there are going to be a lot of tributes. As I said before, we want to give gifts to our audience because we exist thanks to them.

There are still 3 million people who are still very attached to the series. And most of the time people have been there for a long time and we don’t want to leave them like that.

Laetitia Milot has made numerous statements claiming that she has not been contacted to participate in the last episodes of the series. What can you tell us?

I’ve only been here two months, I’m not aware of that. I can simply tell you that the production of Plus belle la vie is not angry with Laetitia. But it’s complicated for the authors: they have to release one episode a day so they have to have ideas.

We really like Laetitia and she has contributed enormously to the success of the series. We have no intention of not bringing her back. But to bring back an actor just to bring him back, it has no interest and it would not be doing him a gift. If she comes back, she has to have things to defend otherwise it’s not interesting.

There are many rumors about the future of Plus belle la vie on another channel. Can you tell us more?

For the moment it is only noise from the hallway. We would love that Plus belle la vie survives its stop on France 3. We are working on it but for the moment there is nothing signed. But we are crossing our fingers.

We would like so much for our actors and the public that it continues elsewhere. Obviously we don’t want to bury Plus belle la vie but it’s not us who decide. But all the rumors going around are just rumours.

And even on possible spin-offs?

I do not know. Everywhere there was announced a spin-off. I say it once and for all: this spin-off, we do not know where it comes from, is not at all on the agenda at France TV in any case.

Interview by Jérémie Dunand on June 18 as part of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

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