More beautiful life: between Romain and Alexandre, Fanny will finally make her choice [SPOILERS]

In the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”, Fanny will be kidnapped by the Grand Cornu. A situation that will allow him to find Alexandre. And push her to make a choice between the two men who make her heart beat.

More beautiful life: between romain and alexandre, fanny will finally make her choice [spoilers]
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Since the start of the great summer saga of Plus belle la vie, which has seen part of the inhabitants of the Mistral shipwreck on an apparently deserted island, Fanny (Prudence Leroy) has been torn between two men: Romain Vidal (Simon Ehrlacher ), present in the series for a few months, and Alexandre (Léo Romain), a handsome mysterious stranger she met on the island.

And while everything suggested that this love triangle would continue for many more weeks, in the purest tradition of soaps, an extract from Plus belle la vie unveiled in preview by France 3 suggests that Fanny will ultimately be very soon make a choice between the two men who make his heart beat.

Determined to find answers about the death of her father, Fanny made the choice to return to the nightmarish island and embarked on a fishing boat on Friday with Romain. Unfortunately, on their arrival on the island, Vidal will be attacked by surprise by Francis Soubeyrand (Anthony Dupray), alias the Grand Cornu, who will bring him down and take the opportunity to kidnap Fanny.

Taken to a cave, the young woman will find herself facing Alexander and Jeremy and will finally understand that she is dealing with twins. Alexandre will try to rescue the one he loves, but his father will oppose it and announce that a family council will have to decide Fanny’s fate.

Ambre and Jérémie will then vote for Fanny’s death, while Bianca, Francis’s wife, and Alexandre will opt for her release. Faced with this equality, it is the Grand Cornu who will decide and will decide to save the life of the young woman, who will nevertheless have to stay with them on the island and prove herself.

Following this new ordeal, Alexandre will try to find out if Fanny is in love with Romain. “It’s complicated, but I care about him, yes”, admits the waitress of Marci in the extract from the episode of Plus belle la vie on Wednesday, August 18. Alexandre then proposes to launch out in search of Romain, who is still alive, somewhere on the island.

And while he thinks that Fanny will return to Marseille with Doctor Vidal as soon as she has the opportunity, Alexandre has the pleasant surprise to learn that the chosen one of his heart has no intention of doing so. leave for Romain. “Now that I’ve found you?”, Fanny replies to Alexander when the latter asks her if she will go with Vidal, before kissing him.

So it seems that Fanny has indeed chosen Alexander. But what future will the writers of Plus belle la vie give to this budding love story? Will Alexandre and Fanny manage to leave the island and live happily under the Marseille sun?

And what about Romain who, we suspect, will also end up returning to the Mistral unharmed? Will he agree to let Fanny go? Or will he fight to prove his love to her? Answer in the next episodes of Plus belle la vie on France 3.

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