More beautiful life: an unexpected marriage at the center of the next episodes [SPOILERS]

To help Kalya, her undocumented friend from Mali, stay in France, Franck (Jean-Charles Chagachbanian) will have an unexpected idea in the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”: he is going to offer her a white marriage.

More beautiful life: an unexpected marriage at the center of the next episodes [spoilers]

While the summer saga continues to punctuate Plus belle la vie, with the return to the island of Fanny and Romain, an unexpected new plot, which should reserve its share of misunderstandings and comedy, is about to begin in the daily soap opera of France 3.

For several weeks, Franck (Jean-Charles Chagachbanian) has been getting closer to Kalya, an undocumented governess victim of modern slavery whose fate has not left him insensitive. Franck therefore did everything to get her out of there and allow her to stay in France. But disappointments will unfortunately follow one another for Kalya.

In the episode of Plus belle la vie which will be broadcast this Thursday, August 19 on France 3, Kalya will have her bag stolen, in which was the file that Franck had to give to the prefecture so that his new friend obtained the status of refugee.

So, as revealed in an excerpt from Friday’s episode unveiled in preview by the channel, Franck will have an unexpected idea that could well solve all of Kalya’s problems: a white marriage!

“It drives me crazy this guy at the prefecture. Why did he give us false hope?”, laments Franck who seems to have faced a new obstacle on the side of the administration. “We did all this for nothing. (…) I will always be a foreigner”, admits Kalya, who refuses to live in hiding again, as with the Bonnefoys, and seems resigned to returning to Mali.

But Franck swears to her that this is not true and that she has her place in the Mistral. According to him, Kalya must continue to send money to her family and a solution can still be found to allow her to stay in France. And this solution does not take long to appear to Franck who suddenly has this crazy idea of ​​a white marriage.

“There is a solution, but it is radical. The solution is to get married”. Kalya, of course, initially refuses. But Franck promises him that this would solve all his problems. And according to information from Télé Star, which appeared in the newsstand this week, Kalya should finally get caught up in the game.

Franck will then decide not to tell the truth to his relatives and will in particular assure Blanche that it is a true marriage of love. But, still according to Télé Star, the return of Delphine Bommel (Delphine Rollin) and the doubts of an employee of the town hall will make the task, and the possible white marriage of Franck and Kalya, more complicated than expected.

So, will the inhabitants of the Mistral really celebrate the wedding of Franck and his new friend in the upcoming episodes of Plus belle la vie? Response soon on France 3.

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