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The end of Morbius was initially not supposed to look like what you saw. Al Madrigal (Agent Rodriguez) gave some info on this alternate ending which required several days of filming. Warning, this article contains spoilers.

And if Morbius had a very different ending? Much ink has flowed on Morbius, and in particular the editing of the film. Some wonder about the number of cut scenes, and a priori, many images would have been trapped. Some fans go so far as to compare the fate of the film to that of a Suicide Squad, which we know has had a lot of cuts. The various teasers and trailers did indeed show scenes that we do not ultimately see in the film released in theaters.

As reported ComicBookMoviethe comedian Al Madrigal (Agent Rodriguez) would have seen a number of his scenes disappear from the final cut. Only a small part of his scenes would ultimately be visible, according to the interview he gave to the site.

Already, Morbius is not as bad as some like to say. Of course, he’s not without flaws, and they cut him into small pieces. I had some hilarious lines that were taken from the movie“, he continues. “It was really very funny.

Al Madrigal thinks his scenes were “massacred on the editing table… because of the COVID“. “They just had so much time to play with the editing. They really played with it.”

Still according to the actor, this big work of reassembly and cuts particularly concerned the end of the film. In the teasers/trailers, Al Madrigal and Tyrese Gibson (Simon Stroud) could be seen getting ready for what looked like a big fight against the film’s big bad, played by Matt Smith. According to Al Madrigal, this whole fight was cut because it was taking place…in the light of day. However, it was considered that this did not make sense for a film about vampires.

You could see a totally different ending“, he continues. “We can’t have a big final fight scene in broad daylight. At one point Tyrese and I were fighting Matt Smith. I shot for six days and none of that was shown in the film.

let’s remember that Morbius also has two post-credits scenes.


While Michael Morbius defeated his former friend who had also become a vampire (Matt Smith) and that Martine Bancroft (Adria Arjona) came back to life after being bitten, the first part of the credits breaks off to take us to a prison cell. This is empty until Michael Keaton appears in it, as if by magic and surrounded by a bright light which recalls the fate of Doctor Strange having allowed the adversaries and variants of Spider-Man to return home in No Way Home.

An extract from the television news very quickly confirms that it is indeed Adrian Toomes, alias the Vulture, enemy of the Spider-Man played by Tom Holland in Homecoming. But it is not explained to us why he left his universe for that of Morbius.

And it’s facing the vampire embodied by Jared Leto that we find him next, outside of New York City. While he has obviously escaped and managed to put his Vulture outfit back together by means that, again, are not explained to us, he mentions Spider-Man as their common enemy and proposes an alliance, which leaves no not the insensitive scientist.


That the Sinister Six are approaching movie theaters. Since this aborted project in the heart of the 2010s, and which was to be linked to the saga carried by Andrew Garfield, Sony has never given up hope of bringing together some of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies in one movie. We even thought that this desire was going to materialize in No Way Home, with the returns of Electro, the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, the Lizard and the Sandman. But no.

And it is therefore towards the other saga of Sony linked to the universe of Spider-Man, that initiated with Venom, that it will be necessary to turn for the project to see the light of day. In any case, this is what this two-part post-generic scene seems to indicate, in which gray areas remain, starting with the link between Morbius and Spider-Man, who do not meet in the film. of Daniel Espinosa. Is it because of Peter Parker that the vampire is on the run and ready to ally himself with the Vulture?

Morbius: the end you escaped - actus ciné
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The Vulture, future leader of the Sinister Six?

We may have to wait for a next opus to find out for sure. But what is certain, in view of these images, is that the Sinister Six group is beginning to take shape. And it should consist of Morbius and the Vulture, to which we can add Venom and Kravenhunter who will have the features ofAaron Taylor Johnson in a feature film being shot under the direction of JC Chandor.

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