Moral awareness on Serie Club: what is this series with Luke Perry?

Serie Club broadcasts from March 27 the series “Conscience morale”, a legal drama following an inspector from the suburbs of Seattle whose life collapses when her brother is imprisoned and she becomes responsible for his family.

Moral awareness on Serie Club what is this series with

What is it about ?

Seattle suburban detective, mother and wife Allison McLean sees her world dramatically change when she is forced to arrest her brother for aggravated assault. Sentenced to prison, he leaves his two teenagers whom Allison decides to welcome. She then finds herself with four teenagers to raise and her local crimes to solve.

Moral consciousness, from February 27 on Serie Club on demand

Kelli Williams (The Practice) plays Allison, a seasoned and honest detective and happy mother. When she has to arrest her brother, Matt, played by the late Luke Perry (Riverdale, BH90210) for armed assault, her daily life is turned upside down. Matt sent to prison, she now has the care of her two children, Cameron and Mariah, to avoid them being placed in foster care. She then finds herself with four dependent children, and more and more business to solve.

Following a formula of family drama and classic but effective detective story, the series created by Sheryl J. Anderson (screenwriter on the first three seasons of Charmed) mixes looped investigations and soap opera over the ten episodes. Moral Conscience unfortunately did not have the right to a season 2 and ended in 2015, leaving the fate of its protagonists in suspense. The Serie Club channel (attached to the M6 ​​group) now gives the opportunity to discover it for the first time in France where it was still unseen.