Moon Knight: the hippopotamus and the mind-blowing ending of episode 4 explained

Episode 4 of Moon Knight ends with a hallucinating sequence for the hero played by Oscar Isaac. How does this cliffhanger upset the plot of the Marvel series? Warning, spoilers.

Warning, spoilers. It is advisable to have seen episode 4 of Moon Knight before continuing to read this article.

While the end of Moon Knight approaching, episode 4 of the series from Marvel studios reshuffled all the cards in its last minutes and profoundly upset the trajectory of Steven / Marc (Oscar Isaac).

Now alone, without powers and without the Moon Knight costume offered by Khonshu who is imprisoned, Steven and Marc are pursued by Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) in the tomb of Alexander the Great, which contains the statue of Ammit, the deity Arthur serves. (Which would mean that in the Marvel Universe, the former King of Macedon was an avatar of Ammit).

Moon Knight facing his sanity

Steven barely has time to let Marc take control of his body, after a heated argument with Layla (May Calamawy) that he is shot by Arthur and falls into a pool of water. To wake up in a psychiatric clinic in which he is a patient of Dr. Arthur Harrow alongside Layla and Donna, the boss of the museum in which Steven worked.

And all the elements in the establishment, from the Egyptian-inspired decorative objects to the Moon Knight figurine to a VHS tape of an Indiana Jones-esque adventure film nanar whose hero is called Steven Grant, leave to to think that everything that has happened so far in the series was really only happening in Marc’s head.

Marc would therefore be an ordinary man who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and who invented a heroic life made up of adventures. Despite his physical and psychological weaknesses, he manages to escape the doctor and nurses and finds in another room… Steven, who was locked in a sarcophagus!

The two are then happy to find themselves, each with their own body, and they understand that they did not dream what happened to them. Except that in wanting to escape from the hospital, they find themselves face to face with a strange hippopotamus!

Moon knight: the hippopotamus and the mind-blowing ending of episode 4 explained
Screenshot / Marvel Studios

The goddess Taweret

Who is the hippopotamus at the end of episode 4?

Hallucination due to drugs or real appearance of an anthropomorphic hippopotamus? The answer is that this creature is Taouret or Taweret, the Egyptian goddess protector of childbirth and symbol of fertility. She’s the actress Antonia Salibwho lends his voice to this character, which has no equivalent in the comics of the Marvel universe.

It will be necessary to wait to discover episode 5 of Moon Knight to know how this divinity will help Marc and Steven, since it does not seem bad towards the duo, it even seems rather benevolent. Is she real or just an illusion created by Harrow? Better yet, could it be a subliminal image representing the rebirth of Marc and Steven after being shot by Harrow?

Or will she be the one to reunite Marc with his parents? Yes, Elias and Wendy Spector, parents of Marc Spector, will appear in the final episodes of Moon Knight. Their interpreters Rey Lucas and Fernanda Andrade were present at the red carpet for the premiere of the Marvel series and gave an interview to Variety, which confirmed their attendance.

An inspiration from the comics

The Moon Knight teams drew their inspiration from the comics of Jeff Lemire, a Canadian author who relaunched The Adventures of the Vigilante in 2016 with artist Greg Smallwood. Directors Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, who directed episodes 2 and 4, confirmed it. And the last two episodes of the series could very well approach it even more.

Because in these numbers of Jeff Lemire, we learn that Marc, who suffers from amnesia, was locked up in a psychiatric hospital because he thought he was the superhero Moon Knight. He realizes that Doctor Emmet, who is the avatar of the Egyptian god Ammit, is hindering him in the quest for his memory. But Khonshu also gets in his way by wanting to control his body.

Moon knight: the hippopotamus and the mind-blowing ending of episode 4 explained
Screenshot / Marvel Studios

Marc owes his salvation only to him finally accepting the existence of his other identities, which help him defeat Emmet and Khonshu. After this physically and psychologically violent adventure, Marc puts on his Moon Knight costume and decides to be a protector and fight crime without having the crushing weight of serving someone.

A third identity?

If Moon Knight seems to be heading towards more and more violence and therefore totally embracing its horrific atmosphere, this changeover may be with a new character or rather another identity of the hero. In the comics, Marc Spector has several personalities and we have already seen that of Steven Grant.

But another interests us for the rest of the events, it is that of Jake Lockley, a taxi driver who hangs out in the slums of New York in order to gather information on the world of crime. In the Marvel Studios series, Steven is rather kind, intelligent and self-effacing while Marc is more feisty, fearless and assertive. Jake could be an even darker and more violent part of the hero, knowing that a clue in episode 3 suggests that this theory could be confirmed.

Moon knight: the hippopotamus and the mind-blowing ending of episode 4 explained
marvel comics

In episode 3, when Marc is fighting Arthur Harrow’s henchmen, Steven tries to calm him down and Marc loses consciousness. When he wakes up, he is covered in blood and his opponents are dead. Neither Steven nor Marc seem to be responsible for this butchery. Anyway, that’s what they say. It could then be the work of Jake Lockley.

It remains to be seen whether this theory is confirmed in the last two episodes of Moon Knight. But this third possible identity would be an opportunity to totally surprise the public and offer new surprises to Moon Knight.

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