Moon Knight: a season 2 for the Marvel series?

As the sixth and final episode of Moon Knight has been posted on Disney+, we wonder what the future of this character will be in the MCU. A season 2 or a movie?

Billed as a miniseries, as were Wanda Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Hawkeye, Moon Knight shouldn’t normally have a season 2. Moreover, the series was submitted to the Emmy Awards committee in the “limited series” category, which confirms its unique status.

But a recent tweet from Marvel Studios has fans frowning. On May 2, the Marvel Studios Twitter account posted the final trailer for the series, teasing the release of the “epic series finale”. Only a few minutes later, the tweet was deleted and replaced with one stating the “epic season finale”, as can be seen on this image.

A change of word that is not trivial, since there is a big difference between a series finale and a season finale. Did Marvel Studios awkwardly announce that Moon Knight was going to have a season 2? For now, no official information has been released by Marvel.

variety reminds us that this change of name could have consequences on its potential nomination for the Emmy Awards as a mini-series and oblige it to change its category to that of the drama series since the committee can reject the application, once submitted. , citing marketing materials, including social media and interviews, as evidence.

But it wouldn’t be surprising if the Marvel teams were looking to extend the adventures of Moon Knight, especially since director Mohamed Diab had told Collider that the character “was going to be around for quite a while”.

Despite the potentially contradictory message of Marvel Studios’ tweet, it’s the director himself who seems to be confirming that Moon Knight won’t be returning for a season 2, if his latest tweets are to be believed, including the one below in which he bids farewell to the series.

Translation: The Moon Knight family had their farewell meeting. We’re missing about 1100 amazing people who made this amazing series. I consider each of you as a member of a large family. I will miss you and it’s hard to say, but every journey has to end at some point. Goodbye Moon Knight.

A season 2 or a movie?

The series finale and its post-credits scene leave the door open to new stories as we discover Jake Lockley, Marc’s third personality, who is still working with Khonshu when Marc and Steven had asked to be released from prison. grip of the Egyptian deity.

Moon Knight a season 2 for the Marvel series
marvel studios

There would therefore be material to explore for a second season. And if the story is interesting enough, Oscar Isaac said to The Radio Times that he would be in, even if it is clearly not on the agenda:

“I think we touched on [Moon Knight] as a unique story and we put all our cards on the table. There really are no official plans for a sequel. I think it will depend on the story. That being said, I love playing Steven. I like. Physically, it’s so much fun to be him. So if there was a story that really made sense, I would be happy to be a part of it.”

So, if it is not in the serial format that we will find Moon Knight, perhaps we will see the hero again in a film? It would be amazing if Marvel Studios went to the trouble of introducing a new character with a full series without them reappearing afterwards. The question is how Moon Knight will be brought back, knowing that the series was ultimately very disconnected from the rest of the MCU.

The hero could be entitled to his own solo film or intervene in a more choral feature film. What other Marvel characters could he interact with? The bets have been made.