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Get ready to revisit your childhood as the Moomins are taking over the wetlands of Walthamstow this summer. The nature reserve is teaming up with another resident of Walthamstow, the William Morris Gallery, to host an exhibition on Finnish artist and Moomins designer Tove Jansson called The woman who fell in love with an island, exploring the relationship between the island of Klovharun in the Gulf of Finland where she had a home and her job, and also what we can learn about nature and conservation from the Moomins.

A selection of Jansson’s photographs, nature studies and writings will be on display in the Wetland Motors House with an open-air art trail, and you will also be able to download an audio composition by multi-instrumentalist Erland Cooper who includes a recording by Jansson. essay “The Island”, delivered by his niece Sophia Jansson. A second exhibition will open at the William Morris Gallery in 2022.

Fri June 18 – Thursday September 23, 2021
Walthamstow Wetlands, 2 Forest Rd, London N17 9NH


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