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Montse Tomé breathes: two games, two victories |  Soccer |  Sports


Montse Tomé Women's Soccer
Montse Tomé, during Spain’s match against Switzerland.Alejandro Ruesga Sanchez

The appointment of Montse Tomé as national coach after the departure of Jorge Vilda was not applauded by the Spanish World Cup players. Nor did the world champions put their name on a blacklist. They waited, while they fought other battles with the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), from whom they asked for a profound restructuring. The atmosphere, however, became extremely strained after the announcement of the first squad list for these recent Nations League matches (2-3 against Sweden last Friday and 5-0 against Switzerland this Tuesday) and Tomé seemed to take over. with expiration date. Now a complete calm reigns in Las Rozas and no one seems to be very clear how long it will last. Especially while it is not known who will be the new women’s sports director of the federation.

s from the federation environment explain that during the last days of the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand the tension in the Spanish coaching staff grew excessively, to the point that Montse Tomé, then the second in charge and now the coach, barely spoke with Mr. Jorge Vilda, perhaps professional slogans and little else. Although they hid it behind closed doors. The relationship between the two had been broken by how he directed the players and the rest of the team. staff. The locker room knew that because Tomé acted confessor with the soccer players. It was no coincidence, for example, that the vast majority of the coaching staff signed the statement of their resignation without including Vilda – who was notified out of deference minutes before it came to light – to condemn Luis Rubiales’s performance in the celebration of the World Cup (the non-consensual kiss with Jenni Hermoso), in addition to revealing the discomfort they felt for being forced to sit in the subsequent assembly in which the then president announced that he did not plan to resign.

But time was contrary to him. And he also took Vilda so that Tomé could occupy the bench. A decision that, however, did not convince part of the dressing room because they understood that it was a continuation path with the previous coach. Although, the federation assures, they never asked for his head. After the first two games of the Nations League, both of which were won, the coach comes out stronger.

Reinforced after a first decision, endorsed by the directors of the federation, which gave the footballers a hard time because Tomé decided to call up those he considered best to face the first two challenges of the Nations League. Long faces, anger and harsh words in response. Incomprehension because hours ago they had given up being on the list when they understood that many structural changes were missing. But they all came due to the threat of being left without a license to play football. “The first day we came to the concentration was very complicated. We saw everything very black, we were neither there to train nor to play,” Aitana Bonmatí agreed. But Tomé decided to take the upper hand. Thus, he gathered the footballers and told them that for these two matches, the locker room would elect the captains, a fundamental role because it was not only about leading on the pitch but also holding meetings – until the early hours of the morning – to undo the situation. situation. Alexia and Irene Paredes came out. Self-management to strengthen the group. “We have managed to talk, look at each other, be sincere and take a step forward,” Tomé resolved after beating Sweden in the last minute and from a penalty. Precisely at that moment, Tomé felt liberated.

During this concentration, first in Valencia, then in Gothenburg (Sweden) and then in Seville and Córdoba, the federation workers initially walked on eggshells because they had the feeling that their name could soon be mentioned. There was a fear that the players would include them in the petition centrifuge to clean the atmosphere after the tsunami that caused Rubiales’ kiss. “But as the days went by, everything became normal, we went from tension to professionalism and respect,” says a person who experienced everything from within. The same thing happened to Tomé, who applied his left hand in a very tense concentration between the players and the federation.

When the match against Sweden ended at the Gamla Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg, the players hugged each other, happy. They had defeated the number one in the ranking. From the barrier, Tomé watched the explosion of happiness, uncertain whether or not to join the party. They all congratulated each other, normally. “There, he breathed,” sources from the area say. And calm arrived, always at the expense of the Higher Sports Council and the federation making effective the resolutions they agreed upon with the soccer players. Relaxation also came. Something that was observed as soon as the match against Switzerland concluded. Tomé, without hesitation, hugged the players, happy for the electrifying atmosphere of the Nuevo Arcángel, a record number of spectators (14,194) for a national team match in Spain. “I want to highlight the attitude of the players, who have given everything. We are proud of all of them. It reinforces us for the response they have given,” explained Tomé.

Although they did not ask for Tomé’s head, Alexia, Ona Batlle, Paredes and Aitana did not give him their ear either when they came to the fore during the first days. “They had to understand that I was Vilda’s second, what my role was,” confessed the current intramural coach, aware that the group did not like how Vilda managed the crisis of las 15, with individual meetings in which Tomé was also at the coach’s side. After also beating Switzerland, some voices came out in their defense: “Yes, we are happy with this coaching staff,” revealed Olga Carmona. “I had it before the covid U-20 World Cup. I like his concepts and way of expressing himself, it is positive and something new,” Athenea added. Aitana also spoke: “Everything is fine, at first it was all a little strange. Strange, because of how the call was given. But things happen.” And Tomé picked up the baton: “I have always had confidence. I have received it from them too and in football winning always gives you something different. “It was my debut as a coach, my first time on the bench and I told them that I was proud to do it with them. I have been able to suffer at times, but also move forward,” the coach said. She already said it as soon as she took office: “We are beginning a new stage to continue winning.” That, in addition to her left hand and the talks to her face, it seems that they have given her a truce, a respite.

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