Enjoy A Blissful And Hassle Free Holiday In Montenegro With These Travel Tips


Montenegro is a small European country on the Adriatic coast that offers very interesting tourist places. This country located in the Balkans has very beautiful tourist places. Majestic mountains, breathtaking beaches and larger-than-life locals. We hope that the following montenegro travel tips You need to remember this when you are traveling through this beautiful country. The economy of Montenegro is largely dependent on tourism. Roads, railway stations, sea ports and air transport work to improve the tourism of the country. Tourists from all over the world come to the country to see its natural beauty.

10 Best Montenegro Travel Tips

Expect great hospitality from the locals and while you are still planning to head to this glorious country, make sure you know some of the best things about it before you travel!

1. Hotel


The main tip here would be how you plan the trip. The best way would be to stay in a hotel which has a prime location and then travel side by side since it is a small country, this will save your travel expenses and time also. You can pack a few things for your next destination and leave the rest at the main hotel.

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2. Settings


Be sure to visit Cetinje when you come here. It was the former capital when the royal family was in Montenegro. Visit the palace of King Nikola and make sure you visit the embassies to check out the architectural styles. During your trip to Cetinje you can also visit Virpazar, Podgorica, Kolašin, Mojkovac and Bijelo Polje.

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3. car


This is the cheapest way to travel in Montenegro. The roads are in very good condition so traveling by car should not be a problem. The country has diverse wildlife and is covered with large forest areas. If you want to see the wildlife of the country, it is best to travel in a rented car. You can also use taxis but they are comparatively expensive.

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4. train


Of course the option of taking the train is much more convenient and cheaper than the bus. The only problem is that there are not many train services running in the country. The most famous is the one that runs from Bar to the country of Serbia. Traveling by train also allows you to discover hidden gems in Montenegro. Trains will stop local people on the way. However, one needs to be alert at the station and get off at the right destination. Getting tickets for the train is also hassle free. You can board the train and then buy your ticket.

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5. Hydration

nice view nice view

The tap water here is safe to drink so you don’t have to carry bottled water everywhere. There are fresh water springs in the mountains and around Skadar Lake in Montenegro, Europe. Make sure you stay hydrated at all times. It is not possible to identify whether the winds that are blowing are warming or not. Lack of water is a common problem among tourists.

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6. Travel Insurance

people are enjoying people are enjoying

Montenegro is not part of the EU, so your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) card will be of no use here. Make sure you get travel insurance that covers your activities here. In case of emergencies, visit the nearest government-aided hospitals to access the best facilities provided there.

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7. Kayaking and snorkeling

Enjoying Enjoying

Another important tip for traveling to Montenegro would be to try new things. There are many unique things to do in Montenegro. The first thing to do to see the Blue Caves in Kotor is to kayak instead of going on a motor boat. The kayak will give you all the time you need to take your favorite photos. You can take a half-day kayak tour and in the process go swimming and snorkeling in the cave before visiting another blue cave where no boats can go. This way you get to experience what most other tourists fail to get.

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8. Brandy


You should not leave the country without tasting Rakiza. Locals love to share this drink with tourists, so make sure you try it yourself. This is basically a homemade fruit brandy but it won’t taste like the brandy you usually drink. This drink is a part of every occasion here and is a symbol of gaiety. We recommend tasting it in small quantities to avoid overdoing it.

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9. Gorazda Fort

Gorazda FortGorazda Fort

Watch the sunset from the top of an abandoned fort. Gorazda Fortress is a good place where you can try it. The fortress is located on a hill above the cities of Kotor and Tivat. This fort has great historical importance. It was used during World War I and again more recently in the Yugoslavian wars. Now it has been left as is.

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10. Seafood

sea ​​foodsea ​​food

When you’re near the coast try all the seafood you can get your hands on, but when you’re traveling to the majestic Balkans you must try their lamb dishes. Even if you are planning to buy gifts it is better to buy food items rather than buying crafts. All the crafts are from China but the food is all locally made – especially the fruit brandy, cheese and Njeguski Prasut prosciutto. Make sure you are buying these from the local market.

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These are some important Montenegro travel tips that you need to keep in mind while traveling to the country. It is a beautiful country situated in the lap of mountains which makes it naturally very beautiful. Every destination here is worth seeing. So, pack your bags and plan your trip to Europe for an extraordinary holiday experience with your loved ones!

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