Monster Hunter Rise, higher and stronger than the movie!

Monster Hunter Rise, higher and stronger than the movie!

The Blu-ray release of the film “Monster Hunter” by Paul WS Anderson on April 28 is a good pretext to look at the latest video game component, “Monster Hunter Rise”, the most accessible opus of a formidable one. saga.

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Available from March 26 on Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) is undoubtedly the best conceived episode of a long series which began in 2004. The concept? Play as a hunter stalking gigantic monsters in a world that is both wild and Steampunk.

The whole takes advantage of a worked atmosphere and a breathtaking realization for a game on the portable Nintendo console. With impeccable 3D, packed with detail, and a unique artistic direction, borrowed from the standards of Japanese ghost films, MHR has nothing to envy the competition or even the famous Monster Hunter World, both critically acclaimed.

Here is the trailer for Monster Hunter Rise

Between accessibility and requirement

But the heart of the latest video game experience from Capcom stands out above all for the quality of its playability, much more accessible to neophytes than in previous games. With a fully customizable hero, whether it is his appearance or his fighting style, you frolic in superb settings with unique and varied themes.

From now on, your champion is hyper reactive to your orders, can climb on most surfaces and jump particularly high thanks to the Filoptère, an insect on which suspension lines cling to walk you like an acrobat in the splendid environments. This new feature makes it possible to feel very comfortable on hunting grounds and to track prey much more easily.

The heart of the game therefore lies in tracking down monsters. Each of these fantastic beasts comes with routines and specificities to know that must be taken into account to bring them down. Prefer to use a weapon that hits from a distance for flying enemies, don fire-resistant armor to avoid burns against a dragon, carry a dedicated type of potions to withstand the poisons of a critter or choose a huge sharp sword to pierce the stone skin of a T-Rex… These are the choices to be made before going hunting. Hunt down the beast, bring it down after a long fight and skin it to obtain foodstuffs to forge new, ever more powerful weapons and armor with amazing powers.

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A whole program that is constantly being renewed according to the biomes explored and the monsters encountered. As in all episodes of the series, you will be accompanied by a … hunting cat. But this time, a special dog will also compete with the team. Their special attributes allow, again, to specialize your style since they can heal you, protect you or even attack independently during your games. Enough to complete your arsenal for a real scripted adventure that can also be shared with friends.

Together, become the predator (s)

While it is perfectly possible to play solo at Monster Hunter Rise, know that the experience can be shared with three other players to hunt together. The opportunity to better dominate the fantastic creatures. A shared pleasure to always collect more items from your victims, become even stronger and try to bring down other monsters of increasing power and size.

Among the new features, learn that beyond increased mobility and significantly more flexible gameplay, you can even take control of certain monsters during battle and try, for a few seconds, to tame them or even to make them attack their fellows so that they kill each other. A fun option that allows you to vary the actions and therefore the pleasures.

Speaking of which, let’s finally point out that new quests are appearing in MHR. Indeed, the calamities (a group of several monsters which attacks your village) must sometimes be repelled with the help of ballistas for games which bring a breath of freshness of importance to the overall formula.

From video games to cinema

The universe of this video game saga is so special that transposing it to the cinema was a rather risky bet … It was Paul WS Anderson who got down to it through the traits of actor Tony Jaa and his wife actress Milla Jovovich, whose (mis) ventures are already available on VOD, and are about to be released on physical media this April 28.

Trying to mix up the world we know and that of the series of Capcom on the screen to make the film accessible to all, the director uses in his Monster Hunter the codes of the games with weapons, armor, impressive monsters, and even the spirit of cooperation during games with others.

A determining element that we find in certain scenes with the actors who work together to bring down the creatures. An attempt to adapt which has in any case been received in a very mixed way by cinema lovers and even players … Who will return suddenly more readily, we imagine, to the video game license.

Very rich for fans, offering real challenges for newcomers, the game of hunting large monsters from Capcom has never been so fun to play and accessible to everyone. Monster Hunter Rise turns out to be, in addition, the best episode to start his hunting career. If you are equipped with the Nintendo console, you know what you have to do …

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