Monster Family: at what age should you see this film of nice monsters?

To have a chance to find their kidnapped friends, members of a seemingly ordinary family turn into (adorable) monsters and take off on a trip to the four corners of the world that will delight young and old.

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Recommended from 8 years old – Currently in the cinema

• Once upon a time : The Wishbone family is far from being a family like the others because since they were struck by a spell, they can transform into monsters with superpowers: Emma, ​​the mother, into a vampire; Frank, the father, as a creature of Frankenstein, Fay, their eldest daughter, as a mummy and little Max, as a werewolf. This does not prevent them from leading an … almost normal existence, surrounded by other strange creatures!

But one day, the monster hunter Mila Starr captures their friends Baba Yaga and Renfield. The Wishbones then embark on a rescue mission that will lead them across the world and allow them to make new monstrous encounters along the way.

• What they will love: The heroes, as funny as they are endearing! In Monster Family – On the Road to Adventure, the Whisbone family (who already had a movie called Happy Family in 2017) are once again transformed into creatures often reserved for the horror genre. But an animated film for children requires, the characters are visually very cute and above all very funny.

From the awkward Maxou-garou, to his sister the dancing mummy, including their parents, a rather silly creature from Frankenstein and a loving vampire, but also their blundering domestic bats, there is something for everyone.

They also meet on their way other “monsters” (the Yeti, King Kong and the Loch Ness monster) who again go against the clichés and all turn out to be nice beasts. Not to mention the endearing and badass Mila, whose journey could lead your children to reflect and whose relationship she forges with Max should touch you in the process.

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Between dancing scenes to catchy music and well-executed action sequences, interspersed with many humorous passages, the little spectators should also be amazed.

• What may worry them: If Monster Family therefore contains its share of monsters, they should not really scare your children as they are presented in a friendly light. At the most, the introductions of The Yeti and King Kong could scare them off for a few minutes before the heroes manage to bond with them and some very funny scenes follow.

The youngest spectators could nevertheless miss a few themes such as the dependence of adolescents on social networks and school bullying, which were quickly mentioned. The plan of the villains of the film, unveiled at the end, could also be a source of misunderstanding among the little ones: they want to replace their daughter with a genetically modified version of her that is more obedient and supposedly perfect.

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In addition, some lines will resonate more with parents than children, such as a reference to Klingon, a fictional language from the Star Trek universe.

• What they will keep inside: That we should not be fooled by appearances and that monsters are not always what we think! All the creatures in the film are thus ultimately characters who beg to be loved and the real villains are a couple of human scientists with Machiavellian plans.

The importance of family is obviously put forward a lot in the feature film: Wishbones can only return to their human form when they are all happy and kind to each other. If they are not perfect in their daily life, in the face of adversity, they are more united than ever.

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Friendship also has a special place in Monster Family with special attention paid to the relationship between Max and Mila. Two well-developed characters, him in his desire to be taken seriously and she who seeks at all costs to make her distant parents proud of her. Tolerance and forgiveness are also two significant values ​​conveyed by the film.

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