Mom, I missed the plane again on TFX: when Donald Trump imposed his presence in the films

Mom I missed the plane again is broadcast tonight on TFX. As his family leaves for Miami, Kevin takes the wrong plane and arrives in New York. The young hero will meet Donald Trump there.

In Mom, I missed the plane again, Kevin, still played by Macaulay Culkin, is this time well on his way to the airport with his family, except that when boarding, the young boy is eclipse to buy batteries. On his return, the McCallister tribe boarded for Miami while Kevin flies to New York.

Alone in the Big Apple, the little boy reserves a room at the hotel at the Plaza using his father’s credit card that he had borrowed to buy the famous batteries. It is in the lobby of the palace that the hero crosses paths with Donald Trump and asks him where the lobby is located.

A furtive but noticed appearance. Built in 1907, the luxurious building was purchased in 1988 by Donald Trump (who resold it in 1995).

A shooting permit for a cameo

In 1990, the year Mum was filmed, I missed the plane again, Donald Trump reigns over a real estate empire. At each request to shoot in one of his buildings, the businessman accepts in exchange for a cameo in the film.

This is what Matt Damon reports at Hollywood Reporter in 2017. The actor specifies: “If you wanted to shoot in a building belonging to Donald Trump, you had to write him a small role in return. The latter had to meet the main actors and have at least one line. You wasted an hour of filming time to get the license to shoot, but you could cut the scene when editing. ”

The many cameos of the former President of the United States are therefore not a choice or a wink from the directors, but obligations.

Mom, i missed the plane again on tfx: when donald trump imposed his presence in the films

Macaulay Culkin wants to erase Donald Trump from the film

During a question and answer session, organized with Macaulay Culkin, an Internet user asked the actor what was his favorite film of the saga.

Kevin’s interpreter replied: “The first one was more fun because we didn’t know where we were going and we didn’t have to travel because the shoot was set in Chicago. It was also a 100% shoot without Donald Trump. “

In January 2021, as Donald Trump gave way to Joe Biden as President of the United States, many fans of Mom I Missed the Plane again demanded that his cameo be removed from the film. One spectator even digitally wiped Trump from the stage and posted the video to social media.

A montage approved by Macaulay Culkin himself. The comedian also expressed his approval for the proposal of a second fan: replace Donald Trump with adult Macaulay Culkin.

In December 2019, the Canadian television channel CBC had already deleted the famous scene from the film. What did not fail to underline the principal concerned via his Twitter account.

This movie will never be the same! (I laugh)“.

I guess Justin T doesn’t like my choices about NATO too much. “

If Donald Trump suggests in this last tweet that it would be a political decision, the channel explained that the scene had been cut long before the businessman was elected to the White House.

As is often the case for cinema films adapted for the small screen, Mom I missed the plane again was put back up for reasons of duration“said a representative from CBC.

The scene with Donald Trump is one of many sequences that were cut because none of it was essential to the plot. These cuts were made in 2014 when we acquired the film and before Mr. Trump was elected President.. “

The various appearances of Donald Trump in the cinema and in the series

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