Mixed trailer: the great school revolution in the new French original creation from Amazon Prime - News Séries

Mixed trailer: the great school revolution in the new French original creation from Amazon Prime – News Séries

Emilie Semiramoth
Emilie Semiramoth

Editorial Manager of Streaming

Fed up with TV series and auteur cinema, Emilie Semiramoth does not also hide her penchant for pop culture in all its eccentricities. From the bromance between Spock and Captain Kirk in Star Trek to the disillusionment of Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, she ignores gender boundaries.

Mixed, Prime Video’s next French creation, is revealed in a first trailer. We discover the excitement aroused in the very conservative France of the 1960s by the arrival of girls in boys’ high schools.

The French creation has again the wind in its sails on the side of Amazon Prime Video. After the comedy shows LOL: Who laughs, goes out! and True Story, the platform reinvests in original creation with Mixte, a series by Marie Roussin.

The screenwriter has already proven herself with the series The Red Bracelets, Borgia and the final seasons of the excellent historical drama Un village français. Here she is, revisiting the past once again, but in a more comical light, although it is a first step towards equality between women and men in post-war France.

As this first trailer illustrates, which opens with Gossip’s “Dimestore Diamond”, Mixed looks back on this historical moment in the 1960s – which seems obsolete today – when schools finally decided to mix girls and boys who had until then been studying in separate establishments.

On these first images, we can recognize Pierre Deladonchamps (The Tickles, Romance and soon in Eiffel), Nina Meurisse (Camille), Maud Wyler (Alice and the Mayor…), Anne Le Ny (Mom or dad 1 and 2) in adult roles.

On the high school side, they are played by Lula Cotton-Frapier (SKAM France), Vassili schneider (seen in Possessions and HPI), Arthur Legrand (Tomorrow belongs to us), Léonie Souchaud and Gaspard Meier-Chaurand.

With a first season consisting of eight episodes, Mixed will see its first four episodes go live on June 14 and the next four on June 21.

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